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DO NOT Do This at Home!

A sad, but true look into my life - and my lip balm habits.

I was just getting ready to shut down the computer, but before I clicked on the final Shut Down, I grabbed one of the many lip balms and hand creams I have gathered here on my desk.

I applied the lip balm.

Hmmm. no taste. None.

I put it down, started to squeeze out some hand cream when I noticed my lips were becoming very, very sticky.

Too sticky! I franctically wiped the hand cream on my pj bottoms.



What the???

I grabbed a glue stick instead of a lip balm.

Lesson learned: Do not let you kids do arts and crafts near your lip balm stash so you will never ever have to experience the feeling of a glue stick on your lips.

It's nasty! Oh, so nasty!

How am I supposed to go to bed now??? I have to figure out how to remove it all!!!


Reader Comments (3)

OMG Teri! That is awful! Maybe scrub it off with a soft clean toothbrush? Or a towel? Yuck! How'd you end up getting it all off?
Kristen - I immediately grabbed a papertowel, which made matters worse because that was sticking to my lips.

Then I grabbed some vegetable oil (have no clue why I thought of that) and that at least took the paper towel pieces off and kept the gummy glue moist.

Hubby remembered that I had something to remove an elaborate Halloween mask I applied to him last year - it was mineral spirits. Thank goodness I still had some in the Halloween Makeup Bag. It burned my lips a bit, but only after I got the glue removed. And I think that is how I knew it was finally removed.

Then I used a lip scrub over and over until my lips were practically raw, and they are pretty sore today. Aquaphor is helping that though!

AND - I threw away every glue stick in the house!!!
This is just as bad....one time I thought I was using toner on my face....noticed that it smelled different than normal. It turns out that I had grabbed the bottle of nail polish remover! (Similar bottle). Yikes! Needless to say, my face was quite irritated for a while.

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