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Bare Escentuals.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Why have I not tried the BareMinerals foundations from Bare Escentuals before? Why?

I wore it for the first time today and am getting compliments galore.

"You are glowing!" "What did you do different? You look spectacular!" - this comment was from my MOM!

I don't have time to get into all the juicy details right now, but I just had to let you know that I am using the Bare Escentuals Get Started Kit in Medium/Medium Beige. I have seen the infomercial and Leslie (the creator) on QVC enough that I already felt like a pro when I opened the kit.

I swirled, tapped and buffed my face to perfection!

I'll give you all the dirt after the Thanksgiving break!

Reader Comments (9)

I started using this kit a week ago and I don't know how I lived without it!
Now you have me really intrigued, I am going to try it asap...
As I make-up artist one is always skeptical about new products since you already know what looks good on yourself and others, however, I thought I might "try" BE back in Dec. 05' and liquid or cream foundation has not touched my skin since. AND, I get compliments on my skin, not make-up all the time.
Lola & TooMuch Make-up - So glad you like it. I wore only the Mineral Veil on Thanksgiving, and got a ton of compliments on my "skin" too!

Lucy - You need to try it!
I love a very matte look. I just bought Lancome's whipped foundation and like its non-makeup-y look.
I guess I want what every girl does, lightweight, nongreasy foundation with good coverage.
I am interested in trying BE, will it give me coverage? I just don't understand powder on top of powder (foundation and mineral veil). Doesn't it get cakey after I touch up a few times?
Hey! I read your blog from time to time and really enjoy it. I have never tried Bare Escentuals makeup so I'll be adding that to my list the next time! Gotta try this Get Started Kit!!!
I asked my sister for BE make-up or christmas and CAN"T wait for it. I've tried so many different kinds of make-up. I do have one question thougWill the BEmake my skin look even dryer in the patches of dry skin I have on my face (eczema)?
Elaine - No, the powder on top of powder never gets cakey. They are not really powders, they are minerals. The Mineral Veil gives an airbrused finish to the entire look. Don't be afraid to try it. The covergae is easily adjustable by which brush you use, and how heavy you apply.

Katelynn - I believe that the minerals will make your dry patches look invisible. I would check with a Doctor first though, as you would never want anything to irritate your Eczema.

For those of you who have questions about Bare Escentuals mineral makeup being cakey, the good news is that there is NO TALC in it, as is the case in most all powder. It's the TALC that can make your skin look dry and powdery. With the mineral makeup, it just blends right in with your skin. I also use my finger to blend it on my nose since I do tend to have oil there. I also doubted the amazing ability this product possesses to give good coverage, but it truly does. Using a moisturizer for your skin type does help it go on better, as well as dotting a matifier on oily areas before applying.

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