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Another Celebrity Endorsement...

Pro-Active just announced that they signed a deal reportedly worth $2 million to Lindsey Lohan.

Other celebs that have endorsed Pro-Active in the past have been Jessica Simpson, P.Diddy, Kelly Clarkson, and Vanessa Williams.

Lindsey's little Pro-Active Solution clips will begin airing this week on tv.

Reader Comments (1)

BEWARE.........Proactiv is controls (sold) by a marketing company (Guthy Renker).

Proactiv has been proven time and time again to damage skin....and franly you can buy the same stuff at the drug store for a couple of bucks.

It doesn't matter who they sign on to be their spokesperson.....the products a just plain bad for your skin.....they excellerate the aging process......leading you to their other products, Principal Secret......Susan Lucy....and Cindy Crawford.......ALL of which are based on Animal Fat!

Please share these facts's SO important.

Mary T

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