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Pony-Tail Ready!

Ok - it is hot and humid, and I am so -so tired of trying to tame my hair. What to do, what to do?  Pull it back in a pony-tail.

Problem is, by the end of the day, my hair almost hurts as I almost always pull too tight. And then taking the elastic band out - ouch! 

Fear no more, I have found the greatest hair elastic on the planet:


Sephora's Snag-Free Hair Elastics

For a mere $3.50, you get 8 bands in your selection of clear, brown, or black. I love the clear, as I like to wrap a bit of my hair around the pony to hide my usual elastic band. Clear makes it simple - no more double-checking in the mirror to make sure it is covered.

I swear these babies are unbreakable. They are made of a special elastic fiber, making them sort of gummy in resistance.

And they don't hurt, snag or pull AT ALL!

Reader Comments (2)

Do you have any trouble getting these out of your hair?

I can never get them out without taking a few strands out :-(.
I have tried these before and while they are MUCH better than the kind you can buy at Target I am still not satisfied. I have long, fine hair and I find they are a bit stiff to work with. Do you find that this changes?

Oh and worries about snags! These have great hold but when you want to take them out you won't find them tangled.

At $3.50, they're worth a shot if you're looking for clear elastics.

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