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The Cosmetic Company Store.

Have you been to The Cosmetic Company Store?

This store is mainly found in major outlet malls, and is owned by the Estee Lauder corporation. This is the place where some of Estee's brands (Aveda, Bobbi Brown, Clarins, Clinique, Estee Lauder, La Mer, MAC, Origins, Prescriptives) send their over-runs, discontinued, or slightly damaged products. The products are marked down 20% - 80%.

I just came back from a few days in Clinton, CT where they have a wonderful outlet mall, Clinton Crossing, and The Cosmetic Company Store. Ok - I need to let you know that I made more than a few visits to this store.

While the store is not for seeing what is new, it is a great place to stock up on your favorite products that may have been in a damaged box or something similar.

Over my several trips, I picked up the following (for just under $300!):
MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC 35
MAC Lipglass in Oh Baby!, Pink Lemonade, and C-Thru 
MAC Eye Shadow in Sketch
MAC Tailormade Eyeshadow Palette
Bobbi Brown Best Selling Tube Tints
Bobbi Brown EyeShadow in Bone
Bobbi Brown LipGloss in Pink Beige
Estee Lauder Youth Dew & Pleasures Fragrance Sets - great for a gift giving
Estee Lauder Smoothing Feat
Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator
Origins Ginger Pillar Candles
Origins Checks & Balances Foaming Cleanser
Prescriptives PhotoChrome in Warm Beige

If you are within a few hours from one of these stores, take the time to visit.  You will not only find some great beauties - you will save some serious dough!

Reader Comments (17)

There's one about an hour from me - love it!

I have no Sephora, Ulna, or anything that sells great cosmetics where I live. About three hours away, I hit the Cosmetics Company Store as often as I can. Gonna make a haul this week-end. Yahhhhhh for me!!!

Should a shopper be concerned about the products being out of date? I hesitate to put something on my face that may be expired.

do they have a website? i've tried googling but found so many crazy weird sites... how do i find one near me? thanks!

I am looking for a website as well, but no luck so far.

Does anyone know if the cosmetics company store, located at the Maine Kittery Outlets on 306 State Road, Kittery, ME sells MAC cosmetics???
The store in St Augustine outlet is not organized. I could not find items and it was scattered here and there. The best one I shopped at was Myrtle Beach at 501. Neat clean and helpful sales people and organized so you could find the products easily. I hope it changes because I love to shop at the Outlet stores.
The Cosmetics Company Stores are not allowed to advertize but you can google the name and find them at outlet centers through out the US. Also, if you find one they can give you info on how to find more. Each store carries diff. stuff but the same brands owned by ELC. You can only find out what they have by calling the stores. The products are NOT expired or used. They are pulled from the shelves two years in advance. They are overstock, discontinued, or packing changes. They can not give you price quotes on the phone but the prices are discounted from the department stores. You are also not allowed to buy more than three of any one thing or over $300 dollars because of some kind of agreement with dept. stores. They also have strict return policy so read and understand before you buy.
Found the website but I need a code to sign up. Anybody have a code?

Would you know where I might find discontinued Photochrome #17 Cool Desert? The newly revised makeup does not offer this shade and no other is comparable. Lois
How much did you pay for the MAC Studio Fix Foundation?
This was so long ago that I have forgotten by now. Sorry! I do know that it was less than retail, so it was a good thing. ;)
Lois - I am sorry, I do not know where you would find this product. Is it Prescriptives? If so, call your Prescrptives counter and they might be able to help you out
Just wondering if anyone can tell me if they sell such things are curling irons?

I have visited a few other forums related to this subject in the past few days in doing a research report for school. I have to say that what you're saying here makes perfect sense and is helping me to get my head around this subject. Do you have any other blogs you could recommend to help my research?


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I had the worse experience at the Leesburg, Virginia store and will never go back nor will I visit another outlet. They are rude, you have to ask for help as they stand there with their arms folded, but if you try to smell the product, they come running to tell you not to do that, like I was a child. She was very loud and I was quite embarrased because all of the customers heard her. I dedcided to leave and upon my exit, I was stopped by the store manager so that she could also inform me that I was wrong and her employee was correct in the way she treated me as leaving she even screamed Merry Christmas to add insult to my injury and all of this was on Christmas Eve. I went to Macys and was welcomed with open arms, they wanted my business the outlet store just acted annoyed that they had to help someone. NEVER AGAIN!

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