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Back to School Beauty - The School House

This is no ordinary School House. The School House set from philosophy will help you take an A-B-C recess with the three great treats included.

"A" is for Apple - a 4 oz. Apple 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath - "a"hhh, the apple scent is so real and refreshing.

"B" is for Body Souffle - a 2 oz Apple Soothing and Moisturizing Body Soufflé - "b"est scented apple body cream ever.

"C" is for Cookie - a .5 oz lip-smacking, high-gloss Powdered Sugar Cookie Lip Shine - "C"lear shine with such a great cookie flavor.

And don't be afraid of the red color - it is just tinted for effect, and turns clear when applied almost immediately.

Who wouldn't want the ultimate "School is Cool" gift set in the greatest little box? This adorable set is exclusively available at Sephora and for a cool $35.00.

p.s. - this would make the best gift for the new teacher too!


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