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Emmy's Eyebrows.

For a little recap on the Emmy awards - I have to bring attention to the eyebrows of our various young tv starlets.

I love these ladies - but what happened to their eyebrows? Is a little shaping of the eyebrow not a part of their beauty routine anymore? Where was Elke (our own beauty blogging eyebrow queen)?

Case in point:


She could have used a little trim here.




Just a little more off the bottom, please.



Has she even heard of tweezers?


Ladies - I so hate to criticize, but these women spend hours to get ready and have so many "pros" available at their disposal. I just don't know how these brows could have been overlooked.

Reader Comments (3)

Ha! That's so funny. I was too busy looking at lip color and eye makeup that I didn't notice the eyebrows. But now that you mention it, you're right! Where's Anastasia when you need her?!
Umm, hello! Haven't you heard the a more bold eyebrow is huge for fall? The top photo did need a trim, but the other two were excellent! Someone needs to brush up on trends, Belive me pencil thin brows or drawn-on brows would have been a disaster. Let the pros do thier thing, because there its rarley a miss.
Oh trust me, honey - this Italian girl owns a pair of naturally very thick and full dark eyebrows - but I keep them trimmed and shaped up - never thin or pencil drawn, ever! An Eyebrow shape done correctly is a wonderful way to frame the face, and a little upkeep never hurt anyone.

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