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Yes to Volume! No to Clumps!

Love the title? It's the name of Bourjois newest mascara. Yes to Volume! No to Clumps!

bj_mascara.jpgAt first glance, the tube is stylish. Upon opening the tube, all you notice is - HOT PINK! WOW! And I immediately thought, "Where is the brush?".

This mascara is formulated to be applied with it's very unique comb-like applicator. And the comb-like applicator is very tiny. When dipping the wand, it looks as though the mascara barely coats the comb - but rest assured that it does.

Application takes some practice. I have found that it is best to hold the applicator very close to the lashes and gently wipe them up from the bottom of lashes to the top, coating the lashes maybe four or five times.  And within a quick instant, lashes are very full and thick. And the comb-like applicator assures that lashes are separated with no clumping in sight.

The secret? The formula is full of collagen - yup - collagen!

The bottom line? It takes a few tries to get used to the applicator, but in the end, it works. And it delivers what it promises.

Yes to Volume! No to Clumps! is priced at a reasonable $13.50 and is available For more information, visit

Reader Comments (2)

bare escentuals also makes a mascara with in applicator like this. thier formula tends to slide off by lunchtime. however there is some novelty in the applicator.
The brush actually look decent quality! If it is going to released soon it's kind of a bad time though... Cos don't most people use a liquid foundation during the winter? And the cooling effect seems... Cold, in the winter. Lol

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