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Just too Skinny!

This may not be too related to beauty, other than the fact that whom I am about to speak about is seen in various Revlon Ads. I need to say a few things about the beautiful Kate Bosworth.

Kate is absolutely stunning. Her face and makeup are almost always flawless. But I am worried. She is just too skinny these days, and I think she needs some help.

The picture on the left, from Getty Images,  is from Fashion Week. So it is current.

But there are some in this weeks People magazine, that I am hoping are photoshop-ed in some way. She is scary skinny in those.

I hate to see beauty taken to the extreme.

When is skinny just too skinny?

Reader Comments (2)

oh yes - scary skinny. i agree that she is toally a pure beauty. i wish she would not feel it so necessary to be so thin. i think smaller than a size 2 is too small. when i was growing up there was not such small sizes. a size 4 was the smallest, and they were very hard to find.
I don't think its fair to make a judgement of "too skinny" based on what size of pants someone wears. I have a totally normal BMI and I even have a little bit of a stomach. I'm tiny, 5'2 or so. I wear a Zero or a One. Does that make me too skinny?
I do agree that many celebrities these days are looking far too thin.

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