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I Told You it was Pink!

I finally got a new digital camera (that totally rocks!) and I took a few pictures of some of my beloved Barbie meet MAC goodies.

If you remember, I told you that many of the products were Pink. Isn't Pink synonymous with Barbie? Well, many of the products in this collection are pink. And beautiful.


Products in picture:
Lipsticks - Rocking Chick (left) and Real Doll (right)
Liquidlast Liner - Visionaire
Powder Blush - Don't Be Shy
Eye Shadows - Whistle (left) Playful (right)
Lipglass - Sweetness (with only about half left because I have applied this multiple times a day since I received it!)

Please note that these are only in the sample packaging, not the ones that will be available to the public with the Barbie silhouette on them.

The photo below is just another one I took of my favorites from the collection. I have been using these a lot and am being complimented all the time!


Remember to run to your MAC counter or jump online on February 15th to score some of your own - Barbie meet MAC.

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Reader Comments (4)

I love Barbie and I love MAC! I cannot wait to check this out!

Have a great day!
You're so lucky to already have all the Barbie Mac goodies. I'm so jealous! If you get tired of them feel free to pass them on to this beauty addict :) I thought the line came out on the 13 so it's the 15? Thanks for the info and photos.
Great pictures!

Pink is my favorite color and I have way too many pink glosses, lipsticks, blushes and shadows ... but I know I'll indulge anyway!
any 'pink clash' clones from the turquatic collection? that was my favorite and i'm looking to replace it... btw cool stuff you scored =)

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