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The Rarest of Minerals.

Yes, we have all heard of Bare Escentuals and their bareMinerals line by now, right? And we all know about how the minerals in makeup are only a good thing - and quite beneficial.

be_rare.jpgWell, I have been experiencing the ultimate in minerals with a rare combination of minerals from Bare Escentuals and their RareMinerals Skin Revival Treatment .

This is quite different than what you might expect. It is almost like a makeup, as in the way you apply it and for the fact that it does come in shades, that you apply right before bed. I buff on these miracle minerals (I am using the clear formula) right as I get into bed. They buff on simply with the sponge that comes attached to the jar, which is great. It is even easy to detach and wash too.

Onto my results. When I first applied it, I did it in front of the mirror. Immediately, I would notice a more air brushed, matte finish to my skin. This in itself is a reason for loving it because my skin didn't look so scary as a freshly cleansed, makeup free face sort of does. 

Long term, the benefits have been a bit more overwhelming. Really. Overwhelming. My pores are basically invisible. My skin tone is so even, which is amazing. I have used creams and treatments for years that have never even come close in comparison to what RareMinerals has done for my tone. And not only is my tone more even, my skin appears more bright and fresh when I wake up.

So how does this work? RareMinerals is composed of a balanced blend of the complete 72 organic macro and micro minerals that are found in nature. And these work together in harmony with your own natural body chemistry.  Some of other beneficial ingredients are Vitamin C, A, Rosemary, White Tea, Honey Brush, Wheat Germ extract, and Aloe Vera Leaf.

Now, do not confuse this with makeup, as it is only for use at night and bedtime.  It is a Nighttime treatment. This makes the $60 price tag not as scary. And given the fact that I have been using my jar for about 5 - 6 weeks now, and it seems like I have used hardly any of it coupled with the way my skin is acting with it makes me not even flinch when I think about the cost.

RareMinerals is available at, in Sephora stores nationwide, in Bare Escentuals boutiques and by calling 800.227.3990.


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Reader Comments (5)

I can see that there are vaious different colors available. Does the color come off on your pillow?
And, could I use these when I want a real no-makeup look when my boyfriend comes to spend the night?
I have been using clear, so nothing comes off on my pillow. I would definitely recommend it for a no-makeup look. It evens, brightens,and freshens while making you look airbrushed!
Dear Teri, great article, but could you please answer the following question: starting with what age should this treatment be used? I am 25, will it be suitable for me already? Thank you in advance.
wow, this sounds amazing, but i have a few questions...on what step of your skincare at night do you use this? i mean you wash, then what about moisturizing and spot treatment and all that? just curious cause i'd love something to do all those great things to my skin, but with all the things you put on you never know what exactly to put on first.
Olga - I think it is never too early to start an anti-aging treatment.

Kara - I do my cleanse and night time routine a few hours before bed. RareMinerals is the last thing I put on before I tuck myself in - right in bed. So, ususally, there is a lapse in time before I do this.

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