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Bare Escentuals Made with Gold.


In the background this afternoon, I noticed that Leslie Blodgett was on the air quite a bit on QVC.  I quickly realized that she was there with a Today's Special Value.

bareMinerals bareGold Pure Luxury 10 pc Color Collection




For $44.98 plus shipping handling, look what you get:

Mineral Veil in sheer translucent
Gold Gossamer face/body powder in sheer golden shimmer
Riches blush in warm earth pink
Gilded Taupe Glimpse eye shadow in gilded taupe
Golden Earth Glimmer eye shadow in cinnamon toast
Gold Mine eyeliner shadow in brown
100% natural mineral-infused Truffle lip color in sunset brown
Full flawless face brush
Eye-shaping brush
Heavenly eyeliner blending brush
Vanity gift box 

I really wish these minerals didn't make me itch. I so want to be able to use these, especially all these made with gold. Real gold! 

Reader Comments (5)

I just checked QVC online they are already SOLD OUT!! :(

Please HELP!!! Yes, I watched the show and purchased the gold infused collection. I just found out QVC messed up my order and sent me "Blemish Therapy" instead of the beautiful gold infused makeup. When I called QVC to correct the problem, I was told that they did not have any more makeup in stock...even though I was charged!!! If you know of anyone who sells this collection, please email me at It is a limited edition collection. I am VERY UPSET with QVC for their mistake!!! I was basically told that I could receive a refund....for a product that I did NOT order....hmmm....imagine that----a refund!!!

Very interesting as the same thing happened to me. I ordered 2 ea. for Christmas by automated ordering and was sent something else. This was during the first 7 minutes of the Today's Special Value, it was the only item being offered, I hit the correct button for TSV, but got sent something else. I even watched the TSV several other times through out the day and had thought about ordering another - wish I would of. I have never in my 12 years of ordering from QVC experienced a problem with automated ordering. When I called QVC the gal I talked to was about as close to rude as one can get. I was told as you that I could return the product (that I didn't even order) for a refund & was told the Item was sold out, no apology - nothing..

I thought I was the only one that these products made ITCHY.... I do LOVE BObbi Brown, the 1st anniversary on QVC is this March 15,2008, any word on a Bobbi Brown TSV? I would be the first one to buy it!
The only listing I see for BB this week on QVC is next Sunday, March 16th, from 2 AM - 3 AM, which is sort of disappointing, as it will be her anniversary and all.

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