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On the Tenth Day of Christmas... Win These!

We are winding down here - the holidays and snow will do that to a gal! But I would never forget that we have three more days of contests. And I promise you will get your prizes before the Christmas holiday!

Today, two lucky winners will win...

Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery Treatment and Baby Buttercreme!



To enter todays contest, we are going to do something different. To enter, you will need to leave a comment on this post by 11:59 P.M. EST (December 17th) telling me why you want or need these products. The two winners will be randomly selected tomorrow and notified by e-mail. Make sure you leave your e-mail address when filling out the comment form (it does not get published here), but I will need to be able to contact you if you won.

Contest is open to US residents only. Only one entry per person/e-mail address.

Good Luck!

Thank you to Miss Jessies for sponsoring today's contest and donating these beauties to us. 


Reader Comments (16)

I am need great need of some slathery good creams and would love to win either of these. The Baby Buttercreme looks especially fantastic! My skin is so dry and I am in desperate need of some wonder cream. :)

I love your blog, thank you for doing these contests- I have visited everyday. It's very fun!

Happy Holidays!

I love products made for curly hair. I used to hate the little curls in my hair because they're just so unmanageable. But I know good products like Miss Jessie's will do wonders for my it.

I have been a total mess since finals began, and I need to treat myself with something nice once this horrible grind of non-stop studying is over...

If I win, I'll have silk smooth curly locks to look forward to! :)

I would love to try something new....

Happy Holidays! My skin has been unusually dry this winter. My husband also is having itch problems around his waist. I have a niece who has "Renaud's Syndrome" and when the temperature gets below 55 degrees, her hands and feet get red and sore. These are some reasons why I would love to win these creams. Thanks very much,Cindi

I am in dire need of a treat this Christmas - I have 2 babies, and desperately need to recover rapidly on a daily basis!!

My hair is so dry in the wintertime, this could come in handy!

I would love to win these products, because I've heard that Miss Jessie's products are some of the best out there for natural hair, and my hair is in desperate need of repair! Help!

My hair is a crazy, curly, frizzy, voluminous mess...why wouldn't I want to try this? Heh.

I think these products will be great for my daughter who has curly hair but refuses to have it brushed due to the fact that it tangles so badly.

I would also like something that may help bring my curls back to normal. My hair has gone a little wacky since I became pregnant.

oh my gosh this is so weird,that this is the contest of the day last nighti was just about to order products from their website,but decided to wait till tonight cause i was getting sleepy. now i will wait again to see if i will win. they have a buy one get one free right now till dec 31. really great cause the products can be a little pricey. i have long curly hair that gets dry and i have been looking for products forever that will work on my hair. i have tried many different products still i figure i would give miss jessie a try now that they have the sale.
oh i read some of the other comments, dry skin? skin cream?
this stuff is for hair, curly hair.

My hair is parched and of the kinky/curly phenotype. Even a relaxer won't tame my hair!

I have the worst. hair. ever. Please help me tame this unholy mess!

This would be absolutely PERFECT for my crazy hair!

i've tried just about all their stuff, but not the Rapid Recovery! I've been itching to test it out!


My hair was recently cut but it's already beginning to lose it's bounce with this dry, cold weather. :(

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