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MAC and it's Minerals.

On a search for a new foundation, I was thrilled to learn of MAC's new Mineralize SatinFinish and Mineralize Skinfinish products. It just launched this week, and I ran out to snatch up one of each right away.

mac_minerals.jpgSatinfinish is a liquid mineral foundation, while the Skinfinish is the mineral finishing powder.

Upon first looking at the bottle of the Satinfinish, I loved the nifty pump - that slid to keep it open or closed,  which is just great. Closing the bottle by moving the pump to the right after each use, certainly extends the shelf-life - a major complaint I have with liquid foundations. I pumped out two squirts, but ultimately needed three to apply it for a nice even coverage to my face. I liked using a simple cosmetic wedge sponge to spread it out, and touched up with a foundation brush around my nose, lips, and eyes. The coverage was plenty for me, and as I played with it, I learned that it is definitely build able if you need more coverage all over, or just here and there.

Onto the Skinfinish, I was amazed at how very little of the product is needed. Just a few swirls into the powder was enough to cover my face. The finish was lightly matte, almost perfected looking. And using a kabuki brush was a perfect choice.

I am truly in love with these new MAC Minerals, and raved to a few friends about it right away. They subsequently ran out and purchased the pair as well, and were just as happy as me.

Satinfinish retails for $26.50, while the Skinfinish is $24.50. If you haven't used a MAC foundation or powder in the past, I suggest that you see one of their artists at counter to get matched for your perfect shade. Otherwise, it is simple to order online.

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Reader Comments (1)

This evening (Oct 5 2007) I visited the latest M.A.C. outlet in Kuala Lumpur. This is the new mall in Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion. I was there around 6.30 -7.00 pm. I was served by a sales girl. I told her I was looking for a waterproof eye shadow or eye liner. She showed me some colors. She tested a few colors on my wrist and then I asked her if I could try on my eyes. She said yes and I chose blue cream eye shadow. She handed over the cream and a brush but she walked away. I was puzzled and waited for her return. After few minutes, she came back and we looked at each other. So I asked her what to do with the cream and a brush that I was holding. She said I am supposed to put on myself. I told her I had not used cream eye shadow and asked her to help me. So she put on one eye for me. After looking at the mirror, I did not like the color on me so I told her the same. She gave me some remover to clean one eye that I tried the color. After that, I said I could not go around the mall with one eye bare and the other eye colored (my original make up was on). So she said I could use one of MAC color to put on the side that did not have any make up. Then I said I would have different color on my eyes so I asked if she could find the nearest match to the color that I had on my eyes. She said she could find and asked me to look for the color myself. As I could not find any color that is almost like the color that I had, so I asked her if she could help to put on (eye shadow) the side that had no make up as well as covering over the existing make up on the other eye. She said that would cost me RM80.00. I was jaw dropped. I asked to confirm and she replied the same. Then she said I could pick one base color and do it myself. I am totally lost. I had no choice but picked one color and put on myself. Guess I was upset over this and putting on the color badly. She then offered to help and she did but, that was it. I left the place. The reason I walked into the shop because I was told about the product. Just that now thing has gone the wrong way and I was humiliated. What have I done to deserve this?

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