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Are you Fulfilled?

The Evidence of afterglow: flushed, dewy skin. Color-touched lids. Kiss-me lips. Yes, you can be fulfilled too.

How, you wonder? Well, Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Makeup recently introduced the Fulfilled makeup collection. And by using any piece from this collection will have you feeling, well - fulfilled! The colors are just beautiful.

vs_fulfilled.jpgHere is the product run-down.
Lip Gloss ($12) - A not-quite naked lip takes sexy over the top when combined with wet shine. Available in four sultry, sparkling nude shades: Linger, Again, Fulfilled, and Lover
Silky Eye Shadow ($12) - A pop of color on lids takes afterglow to new heights. silky powder delivers long-lasting, crease-proof, high-impact color. In three shades perfect for bedroom eyes: Eyes Open, Eyes Closed, and No Strings.
Mosaic Bronzer ($18) - A sexy new addition to the great VS bronzing collection. Five seductive brown shades mix to create a fresh, naturally golden velvet glow. The new shade: Goddess.
Mosaic Luminous Bronzer ($18) - Just like the standard Mosaic Bronzer above, but this adds a touch of sparkly radiance when used. The newest radiant shade: Glitterati.
Loose Shimmer Powder ($18) - A luxe powder that leaves a seductive trail of warm, coppery shimmer anywhere you like it. The limited edition shade: Truth or Dare.
Face Illuminator ($15) - This is probably the hallmark of the afterglow - luminous, dewy skin. Get the smooth, radiant look in an instant with this weight less liquid pearl highlighter. The shade to fulfill: Candlelit.

Needing more? Visit Victoria's Secret Beauty Department.

Reader Comments (2)

Wow, I'm behind the curve.I didn't know VS even did makeup. I guess they're not just for panties anymore :p
Victoria's Secret has a few makeup lines, with Very Sexy Makeup being one of them. And, if you couldn't tell already, it's my favorite one ;)

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