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A Very Special Day!

Hold on to your hats everyone, I am going to take a moment to let you in on a little secret. Today is my birthday - and it is a BIG one! Can you guess how old I am?

Birthday%20Cake-red%20white.jpgI have written about it in a few posts, I am sure. Let me know how old you think I am in the comments!

In celebration, there is a big surprise party for me tonight (even though I sort of know about it), and tomorrow hubby and I are taking off to Las Vegas until early Thursday. So, I will be missing in action for a few days, but I have a few posts in que so you really won't know I am gone.

For this beautiful Memorial Day weekend please stay sun safe, wear your sunscreen, sunglasses, and a nice wide brimmed hat to keep your skin looking as great as it can.

In the mean time...
Happy Birthday to me!

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Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful party and celebration with your husband. I'm not going to try to guess, but I am sure you look much younger than your actual age, given your expertise on beauty products :)
A BIG one? You must be THIRTY- (which just happens to be the new twenty, in case you haven't heard!)

Happy Birthday, Teri!
It must have been a lot of sex in 77. I think you are 30 everybody is turning 30 this year. I am already there.
Well, I am hoping that 40 is the new 30, because I am now officially 40 and fabulous!

Oops sorry I am late but Happy Birthday!
Hope you had a great one.

Happy Birthday Terri! I'm sorry that I missed it!

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