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Comments For a Cure Update!

So far, only 11 comments in my Comments For a Cure Campaign.

I really want to reach my goal of 100, and you only have until tomorrow at midnight to leave a comment. Remember, that for each comment I receive on June 4 - 6 I will donate $1 to The National Brain Tumor Foundation in support of my brother. 

Please, please, please! Leave a comment to show your support. It won't cost you a thing - only a few seconds of time!

Thank You!

Reader Comments (14)

Thanks for participating in such a great program. I hope you reach your goal.

Of course I'll write a comment. I get to tell people I love make up and help out a good cause and I get to do both of these things for free. What would hold me back from commenting?

I tried to leave a comment but I am not sure it worked because I don't see it yet - so I'll write another comment to help add to your total

Thanks for doing this!

Good luck! What you and the other bloggers are doing is a wonderful thing.

This is wonderful!

Commenting for the cure! Good luck!

Until there's a cure!

BTW - Great new look!

Just wanted to help!

Commenting for the cure.
Hope you reach your goal!

Thanks for doing this. A 2nd grader, and friend of my son at his school died from a brain tumor a few weeks ago. Let's hope they find a cure soon!

This is the coolest idea!!!

Hope you reach your goal for such a worthy cause.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that's taken the time to come out and comment to support us.

It means so much and we're thrilled to see you here!

Heartfelt thanks..

Elke Von Freudenberg, Founder
The Beauty Blog Network

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