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Affordable Beauty Solutions from Avon.

The economic outlook may be dire, but your style forecast is sunny thanks to accessible luxuries from Avon. No matter what your budget in these tough times, Avon has an affordable beauty solution to keep you pretty and pampered all season long. From hair care shortcuts to makeup must-haves, treat yourself without breaking the bank courtesy of Avon:

TOUCH-UP TRICKS: Hair coloring appointments are costly, not to mention time consuming. Save on constant trips to the salon with the Avon Advance Techniques Grey Root Touch-Up ($3.49). Camouflage grays and roots with this mess-proof mascara-like brush, ensuring a targeted, quick-dry application and go a little longer between appointments.


STRIKE IT RICH: Get rich quick-color rich, that is-with a gold-infused lipstick that lets you treat yourself to the ultimate in color luxury. Avon's latest lush lipstick, Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipstick ($8), is a glittering new way to go metallic with its 24 karat gold-infused formula. The new shade makes striking gold simple on any budget.


SKIP THE SPA: Why run out to a spa to get a professional facial that can cost upwards of $200 when you can have one right at home? Avon's ANEW Rejuvenate Night Revitalizing Cream ($32) and Flash Facial ($48) provide the revitalizing results of a professional anti-aging facial in just seven days.

NO DERMATOLOGIST NECESSARY: Look your best for holiday festivities. Avon's Clearskin Professional Acne Treatment System ($34) helps prevent, treat, and control acne in three easy steps. Skin is clearer in three days. Clearskin Professional is a fast, easy and cost effective alternative to a light treatment at a dermatologist's office that set you back thousands.


Shop for more great budget beauty solutions.


Reader Comments (2)

These products are really affordable for everyone to use for our skin and hair. but what about film make up artists because Film makeup differ makeup technique. In film, a face must be painted to withstand the magnifying effects of a lens which may make it over about 50 feet tall on a cinema screen.
I'm an Avon rep myself, and I must say that you've certainly chosen to focus on a few really popular products from Avon. All my customers that use the Anew Rejuvenate say they won't give it up for anything.

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