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L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara.

L'Oreal has gotten into a new category with their latest mascara, as they recently introduced Double Extend Beauty Tubes. The first thing I thought of was Blinc Kiss Me Mascara and how it binds to the lashes and forms tubes around them. Double Extend bascially does the same thing. Where it differs, is that Blinc is a single process, while Double Extend is a double process.

Double Extend is a two sided product, with a different brush and formula on each side. You first prime with a coat with the white brush and then use the second side to "tube" and extend your lashes.

So, I used the primer and quickly moved onto the mascara. Using a simple sweeping motion, I slowly moved the wand from my lash line to the tip. Multiple coats won't work as the formula adheres around the lashes as it is applied. My lashes are pretty long and dark already, but I did notice a bit of length to the lashes. They were not thick and not too much longer than what I already had.

The end result wasn't bad. I did notice definition and the bit of length, but it was not really what I want from a mascara. I like to get volume and length from my mascara, much more than what this one gives. I think this formula might be best for someone with very full or very short lashes, or perhaps very sparse lashes to begin with. Also, removing the mascara takes getting used to and a bit of extra work. You need to use warm water and a wash cloth and apply gentle pressure to the lashes to remove the tubes from the lashes.

L'Oreal has some awesome mascaras' in their line up. My L'Oreal favorites are Bare Naturale and Voluminuous, so I was a bit suprised that this wasn't one of their best as well.

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I really love this mascara! I've been a BLINC user for a few years and was also retailing it in my private skin care practice. However, I always felt just a little 'twinge' selling a mascara & primer for $40! I tried L'oreal's Double Extend last week and I actually like it BETTER than BLINC's! I find I get more volume and extreme length with this product. A client actually asked me if I had lash extensions done. I did the right thing and told them it was L'oreal Double Extend and not the BLINC.

I guess I won't be retailing BLINC anymore and that's OK because my lashes still look great and my client's appreciated my honesty and the tip about L'oreal! =-)

Oh my gosh....................this mascara is amazing. My eyelashes look twice as long with the product on. I am from Canada and bought this mascara at Walmart in the states on the weekend and find myself wanting more of it to put it love it love it.....
That is great to here, Kelly. I think I just am not one for the "tube" type of mascaras' as I get such fabulous results with regular mascara.
Sheri - Glad to hear that you like it so much. Like I said in the post, L'Oreal makes so many wonderful mascaras' - I was really surprised this did not meet my expectations.
LOVE IT!!!! i just tried it for the first time, it is amazing!!!!!!! it actually makes my lashes longer!!!
I have been using this mascara and I LOVE IT! I have tried so many mascaras including expensive designer brands and I have never found a mascara that gives me the same results as this!
I love it. I already have pretty long lashes but they are not very full. I actually did notice a bit of length because when i put my glasses on, my lashes were in the way (good thing i only wear the glasses for reading) As far as volume goes, my lashes look so much fuller with this mascara. I have tried every mascara that promises fuller lashes and this is the one. If I do say so myself, my lashes look great with this mascara. This stuff is great!!
I can't believe that everyone is raving about this mascara--IT IS CRAP--it does not make your lashes longer--And it does not come off in tubes, it comes off in globs--my cousin asked me why I changed my mascara--that was one of the first things she noticed--that my lashes were so much shorter--then she started picking black specks off of my face--it falls off and sticks like glue to your face--expensive crap--and I was very disappointed
I use Fiberwig- has anyone ever tried that? How does it compare to this? Fiberwig also forms like a latex like coating, and I like it because it doesn't run down my face, is this the same concept?
This mascera didn't really work as I expected it too. If you are looking for a sublte look this will probably meet you need. I like alot more volume and lenghth in a mascera than this one gives.
I love this mascara but I'm not crazy about cleaning it off. I'm used to using an eye makeup remover and you don't use that with this product- it won't remove this mascara. I do find blobs of gooey mascara on my washcloth- kind of gross, but I guess that's the trade off for long and lush lashes !!
I love this mascara! I have blond lashes, they're long but not very thick. I need to use waterproof usually because of flaking. Waterproof is really hard for me to remove, normally I end up picking it off for the next two days. Not only does this make my lashes amazingly long and lush but they feel soft and supple. I can sleep in it and it doesn't flake or stick anywhere. And instead of using a cloth if you just splash the warm water on your lashes and pull the tubes off they come off much easier. I love it!! You can put two coats of each and just keep building until you're happy. I have never used a better mascara.
For waterproof mascara removal, I usually use vaseline -- i know it sounds odd, but really works for me.

Just bought the beauty tubes -- as I've gotten older, my lashes have gotten shorter and more sparse and this stuff makes me look like I used to...
This mascara is amazing...I am a plus sized model and it was tricky at first..because you have to take ur time to apply it..but its worth the effort.....I used to use extensions but I was tired of doing it...lash by lash...I use it on my models...if they missed their extension appt( I do make up as well) and they love it as backup...and to does not come off with makeup was marketed emphasizing that all you need it warm water to remove it.....I never had clumps on my face.....Though I will admit it is not for someone who rubs there eyes constantly...
If regular mascaras are great for you, then you're right -- this won't be the one for you. The "tubes" thing is great because it doesn't clump and smear, but it also doesn't lengthen and thicken as much as regular mascara. This formula fixes the latter problem by adding the base coat. That fix works great IF you have the patience to follow the directions and let the base coat dry before adding the top coat (sounds like the author of this review did not do that.)

I typically just use the top coat because I'm lazy, and I love it because it's the only mascara I've EVER tried that doesn't smear all over my face by the time it's been on 2 hours. In fact, it doesn't smear AT ALL, and I have much less trouble with clumping than with ordinary mascaras.

My daughter used both coats (correctly) for the first time yesterday (I put some in her Easter basket), and I noticed right away her lashes were much longer than with any other mascara she's used (although she's only tried a couple of cheap-ish brands), and at least as full as with others, too.
I just bought this mascara. It said don't even bother letting the base coat dry, just go for it. I have long lashes already, but they dip down, then go up. regular mascara pushes them up. this new mascara kinda makes them look the same. I had to use an eyelash curler to get the same effect as regular mascara. I didn't notice a marked increase in length either. what i do love: I am a contact lens wearer. I love it! No flaking in my eyes. My eyes don't get tired from it, it's lighter than regular mascara. I don't feel like there's anything on my eyes! I might try putting on regular then following up with the tubes. I'll let you know how that goes :)
I LOVE this mascara!!!! I was actually planning on going to the salon for eyelash
extensions when I saw this mascara at Walmart.

I was a little skeptical at first...but I am VERY happy with the result!!!
My lashes look much longer and my eyes look HUGE!! I just saved myself $240!!
My eyes are EXTREMELY allergic to mascara and would swell and itch horribly. For years I have tried to find a mascara that my body would accept and these beauty tubes are it. I was hesitant at first to try it out since i have such bad reactions, but I was happily surprised when there was no such problem. I have found that it doesn't give the kind of volume and length as other mascara, but for people who suffer from mascara allergies, definitely try this out!!!
This mascara is very hard to get off, you have to get your face wet with warm water, and sort of pull it off your lashes, make-up remover doesn't work either, or vaseline. It does work well though, untill it gets old then flakes off.
I normally do not wear mascara because I hate to do the removal procediure, as it leaves a sort of dark ring around my eyes no matter how hard I clean it.

But, when I used this mascara I could not believe my eyes! I just took a shower and my mascara was tottaly out buy itself! I realized this as I saw the black tubes in the bath tub!


Too bad is not available in Argentina yet.
I am not at all impressed with this stuff. I can't get the crap to come off. It took a few applications to get it to go on well. The stuff does not come off. I had to scrub my face raw to get it off. While washing I noticed that it started to feel sticky. I thought I needed more water, but it didn't help. It smeared and morphed into a gluey mess that went down my face. I won't ever by this stuff again for that reason alone. I don't care if my lashes look great or not.
This site sounds amazing and appeals to it addict in me. Best of luck!

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