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QVC "It's a Beautiful Day": Kate Somerville Somer360 Tanning Towelettes.

Claiming myself as a self-tanning expert as I have tried various self-tanners in different forms, I will admit that I have never used a tanning towelette. I don't know why these have never appealed to me, but they seem simple enough to use. My plan is to educate myself on their ease of use with these new ones from Kate Somerville.

The Kate Somerville Somer360 Tanning Towelettes will be a part of QVC's 24 hour beauty broadcast "It's a Beautiful Day" tomorrow (4-25-2009).


There are 8 towelettes in the pack, with each towelette having the ability to cover the entire body. To use, you unfold the towelette and rub over clean dry skin in a circular motion. It sounds easy! I would say to do your whole body and wash your hands. Then have someone help you by applying the rest onto the tops of your hands for the perfect finish.

If you have used these or any other tanning towelette in the past and have some tips to share, please do so in the comments.

Kate Somerville Somer360 Tanning Towelettes - $43.92 item #A90985

Reader Comments (4)

I've only self tanned a handful of times. I've used the L'Oreal towelettes. For me they worked well. I didn't turn orange, it was easy to use & wasn't messy. Since you've never used a tan towelette before, I'd go with them before investing big bucks on the Kate Sommerville. This way if you see you don't like the using towelettes, you haven't thrown out big bucks.
These tanning towels are awesome! I had a chance to try these out before they were available on the market and have now stocked up. I only need to use them once a week and the tan is so natural and streak free. They are worth every penny!!!
Thanks ladies! I cannot wait to try these Tanning Towelettes. As Kate seemed to be sporting a gorgeous glow, I can't help but think she did it with the help of these. I will definitely be posting a follow-up once I test mine out.
I have a very pale complexion & typically burn in sun & then peel. The only time in the past I ever had a tan was several years ago when I briefly went to a tanning bed. I will never do that again as I have had 2 skin cancers removed as a result. These towells are wonderful!! It gave me a natural looking tan & glow. I wish I had had them before first beach trip this summer. I do have a suggestion that a smaller towell be available to touch up face & missed spots. Face fades first, I'm sure because we wash our faces more often.

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