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QVC "It's a Beautiful Day": Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

As I am watching all day, I cannot help but be more than excited for an hour with the legendary Bobbi Brown. From 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST, tune in to watch the master at work with some of her wonderful products up for sale.

My pick of the show for today's QVC's "It's a Beautiful Day" are long time favorites of mine.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner 3 piece Set $42.00 Item #A82629
Select from the Black/Sepia set or Chocolate/Graphite Shimmer set. My choice is the Black/Sepia set for a true black and brown long-wearing liner. They are easy to apply and can be worn with anything. The ultimate eyeliner brush is included in this set with the two individual pots.

Reader Comments (6)

I cannot wait for her show. I am feeling some major Bobbi Brown shopping coming on. I hope she makes an appearance.
I swear by this eyeliner too. Black is best for EVERYTHING in my opinon.
I added these too my must try list. Do you know if the metallic ones are too metallic or do they just give off a slight shimmer like a lot of Bobbis products do. I just have never used a sparkly eye pencil or eye liner before. THANKS
Jay-Jay! Did you see the legendary Bobbi Brown on her QVC show? She made a few other appearance throughout the day too. he was bar far, one of my favorites.
Meaghan - I agree that you cannot go wrong with that basic black liner. And she did it right, didn't she?
Swooz - If I remember correctly, Bobbi said that the metallic shades are done very subtle and that she initially create them for more drama and a night time use, but she said that you can actually get away with the metallics for day use as well. Let us know how you make out with them.

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