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All About the Eyes: Bobbi Brown EXTRA Eye Balm.

Bobbi Brown's skincare EXTRA's are just that. They are extra help remedies targeted to give specific areas a bit of extra help. Except, that these beauties give more than a bit of extra help - they are skin care wonders in themselves.

My nighttime extra help wonder is the one and only Bobbi Brown EXTRA Eye Balm.

When I say balm, I mean it. This beauty of a balm is a very rich balm. So rich, it is not meant for daytime use, unless you are lounging around all day and don't plan on wearing makeup. It is hard working and as it is a balm, it does leave a bit of a greasy after feel. Greasy in a good way, though. It drenches the thirsty eye are in moisture as Vitamin E is a main ingredient.

EXTRA Eye Balm helps fight puffiness, reduce the look of fine, dry lines, and soothes and protects skin.

If you need a bit of extra help in the eye are, and really who doesn't, check out EXTRA Eye Balm at the Bobbi Brown counter or online now. The hefty jar is $60. As a tiny little bit goea a long way, this jar will last an extra long time.

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I tried researching this product, and I am having trouble finding the ingredients. What does it contain to do all that it says that it does?
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