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3 Products to Fade Age Spots.

Dark spots be gone. I battle these pesky age spots that are popping up as I am getting older. No matter how much I do to protect my skin from the sun now, my past and age has caught up with me. I do what I can and am always trying new products to fade these spots. Here are three new products I have found that are helping me win this constant battle.

fade age spots

1. Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel

Designed to brighten skin, this exfoliant is a leave on "peel". Glycolic Acid helps exfoliate the spots away, while Glycerin helps to seal in moisture.

I use it as I would a serum, and I leave on my skin every night.

After just a few weeks of use, overall my skin looks brighter.

Garner Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel retails for $16.99.


2. Bremenn Dark Spot Eraser

A powerful combination of super-effective skin lighteners and pigmentation compounds not only helps reduce the appearance of existing dark spots, it helps in keeping future dark spots away.

I use this every night before a regular moisturizer, on my face, chest and hands.

After about a month of use, the age spots I am working on now are noticeably fading.

Bremenn Dark Spot Eraser retails for $59.00.


3. Palmer's Eventone Age Spot Hand Cream

This hand cream helps transform dry and cracked hands with Palmer's very own Tone Enhancing Complex. This complex helps fade discolorations on hands, while keeping them super soft.

I use this every night, as I normally would a hand cream, right at bed time.

fade age spots

After about a month of using it on just my left hand, the difference in the age spots are noticeably lighter.

Palmer's Eventone Age Hand Spot Hand Cream retails for $6.00.

Reader Comments (8)

Great choices. I need help for the spots on my hand and chest and I have been looking everywhere to find something that I can see that works. You showed it and I will be trying that hand cream. It's cheap too!
Lynda - You will be impressed with the Palmers Eventone Age Spot Hand Cream.
Very nice post!!!
This is wonderful - I need age spot advice - thank you very much - I was about to ask my doctor for a prescription but these sound really nice.
Great write up. I really need to get serious about fading my spots. I am lax about it really and usually just worry about my wrinkles. But looking closely in the mirror, I think that the age spots look just as bad as they are getting darker as um, time goes on. Thanks for the products suggestions. I'm going to look for the Garnier Peel at Walmart.
Thanks Lola! Glad you enjoyed it.
Julia - You are wise to ask the doctor if you feel you need serious help. I have found this to work well enough for me. Let me know if you give any of them a try.
Amelia - I am battling all areas of anti-aging. It's very easy to get lost in trying to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Those are the first that we battle so of course it is what we concentrate on. As you do age though, you will deal with these fun things like age spots, dullness, sagging and a long list of other things that needs a lot of attention.

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