Spring is the Time for a Rebirth.

Shu Uemura's final collection before his passing in December is this new Spring Mode Collection, named Rebirth. The inspiration for Rebirth is that of nature blooming in Spring, with colors very vibrant and alive. And the collection is beautifully accented with an abstract image of a flower blooming in the spring, drawn by Mr. Uemura himself.

Shu_Rebirth.jpgThe model pictured is wearing the following Shu products:
UV Under Base SPF 10 
Eye Light Pencil Matte 
Tri-Color Eye Pencil in Aqua Flow 
Tri-Color Eye Pencil in Energy Flow
Pressed Eyeshadow in Pristine Green 
Pressed Eyeshadow in Yellow Elation 
Precise Volume Mascara in Black 
Glow On Blush in Harmonious Orange 
Rouge Unlimited in Dewy Beige 
Rouge Unlimited in Serene Pink
The REBIRTH collection includes:

A unique 3-in-1, connectable eye pencil in soft, creamy textures can be used as a liner, layers to create multidimensional color or as a shadow base.
aqua flow – calm tones
energy flow – warm tones

Warm nude shades that add a delicate tint to lips. Hybrid pigments and long lasting moisture agents ensure comfortable wear and supreme color fidelity.
dewy beige
pink bloom
serene pink

Nail enamels with a combination of iridescent and pearl finishes to represent the lightness and purity of spring.
gold zest
innocent beige

A selection of soft and brilliant colors in pearl and iridescent finishes that instantly elevates your mood.
spring breeze
earth brown
sun stream
yellow elation
pristine green

GLOW ON ($21)

Soft shades that blend easily on skin to create a warm, glowing look.
harmonious orange
tranquil pink

Shop at shu uemura for this beautiful collection and more.  

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The Week in Review - March 2, 2008.


Makeup Primers.

I have a strange relationship with makeup primers.

When going for a long day of makeup, I make sure to take the time to do the extra step. But for an everyday, I guess I am lazy.  I think I must not have found the right makeup primer for me.

My mission over the next few months wil be to try and find a primer that I love, on that helps my makeup go on more smoothly and makes my makeup last all day. I will be hunting some down!


I did find a nice feature over on Total Beauty where 7 primers were tested. I think I might use that as a guide, at least to begin with! 

Any suggestions?

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