I am in amazement over CoverGirl WetSlicks AmazeMint Lip Gloss. These gorgeous glosses not only leave your lips full of gorgeous color and pure diamond shine, you are instantly freshened as these glosses include Peppermint Oil from Crest. Amazing, right?


When applying, you feel the instant cooling sensation. And while it is not a full on overbearing peppermint smell, it is scented to make you smell like your just brushed your teeth. It tastes amazing too.

There are 13 colors in the collection, with three of them blue-based to even make your teeth look whiter. So if you are looking for that added bonus, make sure you check for the shades Plum Crazy, Un-Wined, and Toast-ed. The rest of the colors are: Pink Positive, Everything's Rosy (the perfect Summer pink and my pick of the collection), Tickled Pink, Sillylily, Red Riot, No Care Bare, Freedom of Peach, Slaphappy, Merry Berry (if you are looking for the perfect berry colored lippie, try this one) and Happy Hour.

Fresh breath - white teeth - glossy lips! Good enough for me! Pick them up at the drugstore for $4.99 now to see how much you love them.  

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Play the Ultimate Flirting Championship in Extreme Style with VO5.

I made mention of this fun game from VO5 that launched last month to go with their new Extreme Style products. So if you are bored at work, take a few minutes to play the game. It is really fun, well, of course it is because flirting is fun.

In the game you are either one of three players or the judge. The questions and answers are a riot. Give it a whirl and play now, and I bet you will be back for more.

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And if you haven't seen the latest VO5 Extreme Style products at your drugstore yet, make sure you do next time. They have a really fun line-up of styling products, and I think they are all under $5.00 - so worth it! Break the Mold, as they say and check out the following soon.


Heat Defense Conditioning Spray
Volume Blast Styling Spray
Max Hold Hairspray
Weightless Volumizing Mousse
Ultimate Hold Power Gel
Curvaceous Curves Styling Mousse
Reworkable Putty



Not to Prime is a Crime.

On the back of this box the first thing I noticed in BIG print, "Not to Prime is a Crime!!", which is a quote from Napoleon Perdis. He is speaking of course to his product Auto Pilot, which is a pre-foundation skin primer.


Chamomile, Yarrow extract and Vitamin E help make up this specially blended primer. It instantly hydrates the skin while smoothing it out, making a perfect canvas for which to apply your makeup.

This primer is really unlike any other that I have used before. It has very little dimethicone to it, so it is not all  slippery like most silicone based makeup primers. It is a creamy-white tinted lotion, with a very thin consistency. It has a pleasant smell, but I cannot put my finger on what the scent actually is. Fragrance is listed as an ingredient so I know it is not just the ingredients giving the Auto Pilot this fresh scent, but like I said, I cannot come up with a very good description of it. Let's just say it is not offensive at all and this primer will not interfere with any other scented products you may (or may not) use.  One thing this primer does do, in a very good way, is make my makeup glide over the surface much better than before. I swear I have to use less foundation with it as well. And having my makeup last all day in the Summer is not an easy task, but Auto Pilot has definitely helped.

The tube runs $39 for 1.7 oz., and you have to be careful not to squeeze out too much product or it will go to waste. A little drop is all you need to smooth over the entire face and neck - I like the way it makes my neck look more matte and even toned - so I think the price is not bad. You can pick this up at Sephora or right on the Napoleon Perdis site, where you can look for more targeted Auto Pilot products too.

I would say it would be a crime not to tey this primer, especially if you are not a regular user of primers. It will definitely make a believer out of you. 

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