A New View from MAC.

The last of the new collections from MAC is New View. This is the creme de la creme of them all, with the most beautiful skin softening powder that goes on light and sheer to perfect the face. While I am not a fan of traditional loose mineral foundation powders, this is a very different powder.  New View is perfect to use over a foundation or bare moisturized face to lighten, brighten, smoothe and even out - all while making your face appear to glow in soft focus.

This one is similar to the mineralize shadows of Electroflash is in they are double sided. One side is more matte, which should be applied to the whole face, while using the other more shimmery side to highlight where needed. Beautiful! 


"Unlike most powders that are pressed into traditional metal pans, Mineralize Skinfinish is moulded onto small round terracotta tiles and carefully baked for 24 hours, allowing for an exceptionally sheer and light application. The Natural portion of the duo will provide a dimensional yet natural matte-finish, while the shimmer portion will add buffed-up highlights to cheeks and brows, or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face. This unique powder contains vitamin A and E derivatives, which help buffer the skin from environmental aggression and jojoba oil, which calms and soothes the skin. This product can be used on face or body and is appropriate for all skin types. Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested. Use with the 189 Face Brush. With its rounded paddle and chiselled edges, it’s perfect for precise blending and sculpting. "


Mineralize Skinfinish - $26.50
Light - Medium/Natural and Shimmer - Pale golden beige/Warm yellow beige
Medium/Natural and Shimmer - Soft creamy beige/Light peachy pink
Medium Dark/Natural and Shimmer - Caramel/Light tan
Dark/Natural and Shimmer - Deep caramel/Mid-tone yellow gold
Deep Dark/Natural and Shimmer - Rich golden bronze/Deep copper bronze

Brush - $26.50
189 Face Brush - Rounded-paddle face brush with chiselled shape on each side for effortless placement and blending of product. Very soft synthetic bristles can even be used by those with sensitive skins. May be used
with almost all M·A·C powder forms and other light emulsions and liquid foundations.

New View is also available july 10th at MAC Counters and

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MAC Sonic Chic - A Collection of Mineralize Blushes.

Another new Summer collection from MAC, this is Sonic Chic. A beautiful collection of mineralize blushes that are perfect to bring you from Summer to Fall. 

"This collection of Mineralize Blush is reminiscent of an end of summer sunset: warm, soft, shimmering shades of pink, gold and bronze that take you right into fall without skipping a step. The baked powder formula allows for exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. It builds colour without heavy coverage. Super-fine provides soft shimmer on skin. The blush enhances and veils the cheekbones for a luminous complexion. Can be worn on face, eyes and/or body. Use with the 181 Buffer Brush for flawless blending, even colour. Everyday-efficient, travel-size small, it’s built for speed."


Mineralize Blush - $21
Dainty - Light yellow pink with gold pearl (frost)
Warm Soul - Midtone beige with gold pearl (frost)
Nuance - Midtone peach with gold pearl (frost)
Gleeful - Deep dirty blue pink with gold pearl (frost)
Gentle - Raspberry with gold pearl (frost)
Love Joy - Warm midtone brown with gold pearl (frost)
Merrily - Midtone dirty (burned) red with gold pearl (frost)
Pleasantry - Intense midtone blue pink with gold pearl (frost)
Love Thing - Dirty burgundy with gold pearl (frost)

Brush - $30
181 Small Buffer Brush - Ultra-soft natural, rounded dome tip brush for application of Blush and Powder. Smaller version of existing 182 Buffer Brush

I tried out Dainty, which is very similar but a bit more intense to NARS Orgasm. It looks gorgeous over a bit of a faux-tan and bronzer.  I am not sure how it will look on a more pale face, it probably depends on your coloring. I am normally too pale to wear a peach cheek, but with bronzer it is beautiful.

Check these out on July 10th when they are available on counter and online.

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MAC Electroflash Mineralize Eye Shadow Picks.

The new MAC Electroflash Mineralize Eye Shadows are definitely the highlight of the collection. I love how there are two different sides to the soft shadows. One side is a single color that seamlessly blends with the other side that is a myriad of shades marbled together.

My favorite out of all of the shadows has to be Love Connection. I have been struggling for the perfect, simple to apply eyeshadow this Summer. Sometimes I want a bit more than just a quick sweep of bronzer across my eye, and I hate a full on eyeshadow look during the Summer day. The Love Connection shades used together are perfect, and compliment the other colors I have been regularly applying to the rest of my face.


My other picks of the shadows include first, Odd Couple with the beautiful shades of gold and purple, which looks surprisingly stunning awash over my hazel eyes.  Then there is Sea & Sky. The metallic sky blue is gorgeous as a liner with the mix of metallic blues, including the most beautiful teal, a.k.a. sea blue. Beautiful!


Go see them in person for yourself. These shadows are really too beautiful to pass up. The shadows with the rest of the Electroflash collection will be available on Thursday (July 10th) at your favorite MAC counter or online, of course, at

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