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Super Summer Friends & Family Events!

I have been a bit out of touch, I know. While my server was up and working on the front end (what you see) it was not working well on the back end (what I use to post articles). But, all is well for now, so I thought I would try and play catch up.

There are some beautiful Summer Friends & Family events going on now. Most end in the next day or two, and I really wish I could have gotten these codes up for you sooner. In any event, here they are.


20% off at Shu Uemura!

Get FREE standard shipping and 20% off all orders. Use the promo code: SHUSUMMER. Offer expires on Sunday, June 29th at 11:59 pm EST. Now is the time to stock up on Shu's new Birthday collection, the new hair products or the famed eyelash curlers. **Customers must be SIGNED IN and enter promo code SHUSUMMER to receive this benefit.

20% off at Beth Bender Beauty!
Get 20% off all orders placed online. Use the promo code: JFY86. Offer expires on Saturday, July 5th. Check out my favorite cat eye and smokey eye kits - in new colors now too. She has some beautiful new color palettes. OMG! and TDF are gorgeous trios in pinks, purples, violets and plums - perfect for Summer.

15% off at Product Body!
Get 15% off your total order. Use the promo code: BLOGPROMO.  This one does not say when it expires, but I would probably shop fast. The 100% pure whipped shea butter is amazing - you need to try it!

20% off at Lancome!
Get 20% off all orders placed online. Use the promo code: Summer8. I have conflicting reports as to when this expires. One date is today June 27th, the other date is Sunday, June 29th. Stock up on their world famous mascara or my favorite Juicy Tubes.

Shop soon! 

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"plan you summer spa vacation on spas of america"


The Best Summer Scent EVER - LAVANILA Vanilla Coconut.

While I very rarely talk about fragrances here, that is Cindi’s job over on The Fragrance Fanatic now, I have to take a moment to share my love for my new scent. With my husbands approval, no less.

lavanila_spray.jpgLAVANILA Vanilla Coconut is the best, and most beautiful Summer fragrance. Evah! Talk about being transported to a tropical paradise with a single spray. Before talking about LAVANILA and the Vanilla Coconut scent, I must avert your attention to the first thing I noticed about this product. The packaging.

The packaging alone features such intricate cut-out’s that the outer boxes are collector worthy alone. I wish the inner box was a clear sleeve so I could display it in my bathroom. It is that gorgeous. But the box alone on my vanity will do. Beautiful! And the colors of this box are a beautiful teal blue and brown - the colors of my soon to be completed master suite. I might just even be bringing in the box for this color of blue to be matched for some trim work I am doing on mirrors and frames. Truly, again I have to say this - beautiful! The rest of the LAVANILA  collection features all different types of boxes, in the most beautiful color’s based with brown. And from what I have seen so far, they all feature different cut-outs. I can only imagine the packaging costs - but this really makes for a more luxurious brand.

“Breaking beauty boundaries with the world's premier healthy fragrance, LAVANILA is the first to fuse luxury fragrance with natural science. Their sensual vanilla blends captivate the senses and nurture the skin thanks to a healthy dose of pure essential oils, active botanicals, and antioxidants. Infused with everything that's good for you and absolutely nothing that's not, LAVANILA is changing the way we spray.


The Vanilla Coconut scent is tropical. Beautiful. Heavenly. Reminds me of the beach, but not in a beachy way. It is more like a beautiful, flower lined street with Palm Trees waving above, with the beach there at the end. It has an oriental yet a warm floral sent is felt.  It smells slightly of coconut, with hints of monoi Tiare (a Tahitian white flower), and a warm base of Madagascar vanilla bean. The other notes in this scent include heliotrope and sandalwood.

I will be rounding out this fragrance addiction with the Vanilla Coconut Body Butter ($25), and can you image this - a Vanilla Coconut Healthy Lip Shine ($14). I am sure I will be licking my lips all day. The 1.7 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray that I am using sells for $56.


Shop at Sephora and online at for this beautiful line up of fragrance based products.

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"plan you summer spa vacation on spas of america"


Kiehl's Summer Sun Protection & Book Exchange.

This summer, Kiehl’s Since 1851 helps its customers stock up on more than just sun care— they are going to keep them stocked in summer beach reads! What a great idea.

From June 24 through Labor Day, customers can visit their nearest Kiehl’s freestanding store, drop off a well-read favorite and pick up a new title. Also, customers who purchase a Kiehl’s sun preparation will also receive a Limited Edition “Safer Fun in the Sun” bookmark, to further remind them of the importance of sun protection.

At Kiehl’s, they hold firm in the knowledge that the regular use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen is a vital aspect of any daily skin care regimen and the key to healthy, protected skin. Kiehl's strongly recommend the consistent use of sun screens for the face, eye area and body on a daily basis throughout the year, even on cloudy, seemingly “sunless” days. Because summer days are the longest of the year, and there’s greater interest on outdoor activities, it’s even more important that the face and body be fully protected.


Here is a list of the sun protection products in the Kiehl's line up. 

  • UV Protective Everyday Facial Moisturizing Sunscreen Cream SPF 15 uses Mexoryl SX to offer the face broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection from the sun.
  • UV Protective Suncare Sunscreen Cream For Face and Body SPF 20 also uses Mexoryl SX for broad-spectrum protection; water-resistant after 40 minutes of water activity.
  • Vital Sun Protection offers very waterproof formulas with specific products for children’s sensitive skin.
  • Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 features lightweight color coverage with SPF protection, perfect for every day.
  • Facial Fuel SPF 15 -daily SPF protection, formulated with men in mind.
  • Lip Balm SPF 15 -available clear, and in tinted formulas.

And, if you MUST wear a tan:

Sun-Free Self Tanning Formula -lightweight formula dries in 1 hour. (Still wear your sunscreen!)

My skin is so picky with sun screens, so I usually stick to what I know does not cause me to break into the hives. As I have found that Mexoryl SX work well for me with no adverse reactions, I look forward to trying out the face and body formulas.

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"plan you summer spa vacation on spas of america"