MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Eye Pencils.

I love a good eyeliner, but I have specific requirements of my eyeliner. My eyeliner needs to apply easily (not drag), not fade or rub off throughout the day, be true to color and just pretty much be beautiful all day long. I have a short list of eyeliners and honestly, I turn to my favorite eye shadows more often than not because many liners smudge on my eyes and fail me. I gave the new MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Eye Pencils a try and I think I have found my holy grail eyeliners. Not only do these new eye pencils outperform any others that I have tried, these are some of the most beautiful eyeliner shades that I have ever seen.

You will notice in the Aqua XL name the XL. Well, that means extra-long — as in extra-long lasting formula. The formula uses a revolutionary dry oil that locks in the amazing color to create their waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and sweat-proof results. They seriously look freshly applied at the end of the day! The colors are intense.

They are super comfortable to apply and wear too. The MUFE AQUA XL Eye Pencils are made with emollient oil and microspherical silica which aids in the easy, creamy and smooth application. Mango butter is included which prevents dryness through wear.

The new Aqua XL Eye Pencils are truly artistic. There are twenty shades in all with five different finishes, so there is something here for everyone. There are matte finishes, iridescent finishes, diamond finishes, satin finishes and metallic finishes. While I most often wear matte and satin finishes, I am also really into the metallic finish for night.

The shade line up:

  • M-10 - Matte Black
  • D-12 - Diamond Black
  • M-14 - Matte Charcoal Grey
  • M-16 - Matte White
  • S-20 - Satiny Navy Blue
  • M-22 - Matte Majorelle Blue
  • I-24 - Iridescent Blue with Green Sparkles
  • M-26 - Matte Pastel Blue
  • I-32 - Iridescent Lagoon Green
  • M-30 - Matte Pastel Green
  • I-34 - Iridescent Pop Green
  • I- 36 - Iridescent Khaki
  • M-40 - Matte Pastel Yellow
  • ME-42 - Metallic Bronze
  • S-50 - Satiny Taupe
  • M-60 - Matte Dark Brown
  • D-62 - Diamond Brown
  • M-80 - Matte Plum
  • I-90 - Iridescent Pop Purple
  • M-92 - Matte Pastel Purple

Your staples are going to be Matte Black, Matte White (for your waterline to brighten the eyes), Matte Charcoal Grey, and Matte Dark Brown. I would also highly recommend Matte Plum, Satiny Navy Blue and Satiny Taupe because those are going to be used often. For summer, I really like Metallic Bronze and Matte Pastel Blue as an accent shade.

MAKE UP FOR EVER has teamed up with pop star Charli XCX to launch these extra long lasting, waterproof eye pencils. The brand has put out a limited edition collection to celebration the launch that gives you four shades in the Charli XCX Festival Faves 4 Waterproof Eyeliners. Not only great for festival season (whatever that is) these are you mainstays for summer. This set includes the MUFE AQUA XL Eye Pencils in Matte Black, Matte Plum, Iridescent Blue and Matte Pastel Green and it comes at a great deal — just $49 for 4 full size eye pencils. Right now this is limited to Sephora VIB Rouge members, but it will open up to all customers shortly.

Buy the MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA XL Eye Pencils for $21 each at Sephora, MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques and

Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick.

Clinique is adding to their Chubby Stick franchise with a foundation and I was excited to give it a try! I mean, what's better than a portable foundation stick that can travel easily? I took the new Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick with me on my recent Florida vacation and I was seriously impressed.

Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick was built to be portable and provide on-the-go touch-ups, but honestly, it' so long-wearing that touch-ups are not needed with this. It's not what you'd expect out of a cream stick foundation. What is really great about this, is that it's super buildable — you can build up your coverage from sheer to medium depending on how much you apply. It's really moisturizing but leaves a soft, sheer, natural finish giving me a no-makeup, makeup look.

Chubby in the Nude is made up of a superior blend of gels and waxes that provides the long wear and keeps color true all day long. It even lasted on me through all of the Florida heat and humidity.

There are 10 shades in all, and what I really like about this is that I used 'Bountiful Beige all over as foundation but also have 'Intense Ivory (a much lighter shade) and used that as highlighter. It's super easy to just draw it on across the tops of the cheeks, down the center of the nose and blend out to give skin the perfect highlight with the lighter shade.

Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick is available now at Clinique counters nationwide in stores like Macy's, Sephora, Nordstrom and online at