The Splendid Weekend Read!

From the Splendicity community, comes this weeks best posts in beauty, fashion, and shopping!


15 Minute Beauty Fanatic
finds her All-Time Perfect Mascara!
Beauty Banter
gives you the top celeb hair colors... asked and delivered!
Have a wish? Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint asks you to enter the Pantene Beautiful Wishes contest for a chance to have your wishes granted! For every Wish made, $1 will be donated on behalf of the wish-maker to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.
makeup loves me is giving away products from mac's newest collection!
Raging Rouge
finds a solution to hideous pregnancy breakouts.
eBeautyDaily tackles her lizard legs with Bioelements Vitalization.
The Scented Life
is posting recipes and resources for making DIY bath and body goodies!
Check out A Touch of Blusher's ultimate makeup archive.

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Replenish Your Lancome Supply and Get a Beautiful Gift.

Sometimes these beauty gifts can be a bit much. Then sometimes there are beauty gifts that are so great, I need to get one myself and spread the word. This is the case today.


When you shop at and spend $50 on Lancome, you can get these great goodies in a beautiful train case with your purchase:


Make sure you enter the code: LANCOME7 at checkout to receive these beauties. And make sure you shop before  2/4/2008, because this, like all good things, will end.


Loving the Natural Look!

I am getting used to the colors from the MAC N Collection.

Initially, looking at the line, I thought that I might just like one or two of the products. But the more and more I play with the colors, the more and more I love them. Especially the lips! And the nails! And... well, I am really loving the Natural look with the N Collection!



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