It's All About the Eyes!

Check out a few clips from Glam TV. This weeks features some great tips and tricks that pertain to our eyes. From making our eye makeup sweatproof, to covering up those dark circles, and finally applying fake eyelashes - there is much here to be learned.

Check them out!

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Heat + Humidity Help from Garnier Fructis.

My hair usually does not act very well in the humidity. While the heat can weigh it down, heat and humidity leave it just a plain mess. It gets flat and frizzy and simply out of control.

In one of my many gift bags I got this great hairspray from Garnier Fructis. It stayed in my bag until this weekend when we hit record high temperatures with high humidity.  I styled my hair as normal with one of my many smoothing creams and a bit of mousse. I was so not in the mood for the frizz, so I quickly sprayed my hair and set it with this Anti-Humidity Hairspray.


Not only did my hair stay in place, it was smooth and shiny and the best part - frizz free.

The way this works is due to it's special blend of fruit micro-waxes, that create an instant barrier against humidity. The waxes quickly adhere to hair as it wraps the hair strands with humidity-resistant formulas, leaving hair smooth and manageable with frizz control.  Plus the high shine makes hair look even better.

The spray smells nice, dries fast, and obviously performs well, or I would not be raving about it so much. And the large can is just $3.99 at drugstores. Woo hoo!

I plan on picking up some more of the Anti-Humidity styling products in the Garnier Fructis line next time I am at CVS. I see that there is a Styling Cream and Smoothing Milk available.

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MAC Tendertones Lip Balm SPF 12.

Life should always be this sweet...


With the most sweet Strawberry-Kiwi flavor and the much needed SPF, these Tendertones Lip Balm from MAC will have your lips super soft, super sweet, and protected this Summer.

In a range of 10 beautiful Summery shades, there is at least one or two of these that should be on your lips.

mac_tendertones_pots.jpgTread Gently Soft lime green with yellow pearl
E -Z Baby Sheer milky pink
Honey Bare Rosy blue pink with white and gold pearl
Hot n’ Saucy Soft cherry red
Sweet & Nice Sheer red grape with red pearl
Take A Hint Sheer peach with white pearl
Hush, Hush Sheer gold with yellow gold pearl
Sweet Tooth Sheer coral with white pearl
Pucker Sheer berry with red pearl
Deep Sigh Sheer grape brown with red pearl

Surprisingly, especially when just looking at it in the pot, Tread Gently is my favorite shade. It looks pretty on it's own, but so gorgeous over a bright pink lippie.  

Check these out and let me know which ones you scoop up. They are just $14.50 at MAC Cosmetics, of course.

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