Calling Calvin Klein Beauty!

I heard about Calvin Klein Beauty re-launching into the cosmetics market back in 2005. I remember clearly that it was supposed to launch in Spring of 2007. Then it was pushed back to Fall, 2007.


As we are embarking on Spring 2008, I am wondering where Calvin Klein Beauty is? Coupled with the fact that one of their new makeup products was entered into the CEW Awards and that the product demonstrator told me that the line debuted on in January, I am more than curious. I cannot find the cosmetics line anywhere. It is not on The Calvin Klein website still says it is arriving Fall 2007.  Where is it already?

The product I saw really intrigues me. It is called the Electric Edge Liquid Eyeliner Pen. The liner has a unique felt tip applicator that allows the formula to be evenly distributed throughout the tip. The end result is said to be a thin, smear-proof line above the lashes.


I will ask it again, Calvin Klein Beauty, where are you? If anyone has the information or has seen the line up in a store, please do let me know. I am excited, yet frustrated that I cannot find it. Is anyone else excited about this new line, sure to be a hit?


UPDATE It is selling at! Thank you to the few readers and e-mails that I have received today, I found that it is selling as ck Calvin Klein. I don't know how I missed it.

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Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color.

When Bobbi Brown does something right, there is no doubt that she does it right. A perfect example of this are her new Creamy Lip Colors.


With a very moisturizing base, the lipstick is what it says, creamy. Normally you would find a formula like this  in a pot, but this lip color is in stick form. Enriched with Shea Butter and other skin conditioners, this lip color glides on and keeps lips feeling soft and smooth all day.

Creamy Lip Color comes in a full range of 14 shades. My favorites are Bronzed Pink, Crystal Pink, and Nude Pink.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color retails for $22 and is available at your favorite Bobbi Brown counter as well as

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Beauty Duty for February 26th.


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