Makeup Primers.

I have a strange relationship with makeup primers.

When going for a long day of makeup, I make sure to take the time to do the extra step. But for an everyday, I guess I am lazy.  I think I must not have found the right makeup primer for me.

My mission over the next few months wil be to try and find a primer that I love, on that helps my makeup go on more smoothly and makes my makeup last all day. I will be hunting some down!


I did find a nice feature over on Total Beauty where 7 primers were tested. I think I might use that as a guide, at least to begin with! 

Any suggestions?

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Serious Overnight Hair Repair!

On my way home from New York last week with my goodie bag in hand (from the CEW Event I went to with Total Beauty), one of the first things I picked out of the bag was this much needed treatment from Jonathan Product. It is the IB Revitalizer Overnight Oil Treatment Spray.

With dry, brittle, colored, over processed and totally neglected hair, I was excited to use this. So far I have treated my locks to the treatment just twice and I am asking, "Where have you been all my life?".


The product is a light oil treatment, almost feeling like some silicone products. It is not at all thick like many oil treatments (think olive oil) that I have used previously. It sprays on, feeling quite cold I might add, and you just rub it through your hair. I think I did it three of four times to different sections of my head, making sure I distributed it evenly throughout.

I think the best way to use it as it is indicated to do so, is by leaving it in overnight. Simply use a towel over your pillow-case and sleep. When you wash it out in the morning and dry and style as normal, you will feel like you have just from a treatment with Jonathan himself. My hair is full of shine and brilliance, and my color is so true to color.

The only thing you need to be careful with is where you spray it. There is a bit of overspray and the first time I used it, my tile on the bathroom floor was very slippery. I learned, and sprayed the oil and applied in the shower (still on dry hair with no water, etc.) and just sprayed the shower down once I got out. 

It is probably important to point out that this, along with all of the Jonathan Product line, is 100% Vegan, so you know that oils are natural and full of nutrients.

IB Revitalizer Overnight Oil Treatment Spray sells for $44 at

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Crazy Things Can and Do Happen - Even in the Cosmetics World!

A few things I either saw or heard this week that has left me scratching my head...

First, Amy Winehouse is creating a Cosmetics line. Could this be true? It was reported in The Sun and I just DO NOT want to believe it. Let me just say that if it were the last cosmetic line on this plant, I would not even consider using it. Seriously - who would use this gal as a cosmetic example any way?


Secondly, what the hell is this look from Dior? Forgive my snark on this. I honestly think that my mouth would have dropped if I was at this show. And I would probably be holding back the laughter. Avant-garde or not, the makeup was horrid.


What do you think? 

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