Welcoming Warm May!

graphic_may.jpgAm I not the only one to wonder when we are going to have a significant warm up here in the Northeast?  We were teased with it a few weeks ago, but I need it now. The warm weather. Like everyday now. Please!?!

When the sun did shine down upon us and make us feel and warm and Spring-y, I started to get my glow on. Now, I am in full tanning mode. Oops, I just caught myself. That is my full self-tanning mode.

On my face, I am still using the Jergens Natural Glow FACE most days, and I still mix it up with the Bare Bronze Daily Glow Facial Moisturizer down my neck and onto my chest.

For my body, I have been testing out all sorts of new self-tanners, while still relying on old favorites as well. I have the most quirky mix of self-tanners, and the weirdest of routines. But they are working for me. I am taking notice as to which ones leave me darker, which ones need less product, the ones that last longer, the ones that smell the best/worst, and so on.  And before you ask, I am going to give you the scoop on each and every one. I just can't do it now, all at once. It would take f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

So...yes, I am teasing you a bit now. But I have so much more to cover for Mother's Day and still the latest beauty finds that I need to fit in for the Spring/Summer before they are over! ;) But I do plan to highlight a new one at least once or twice a week. And, this could go on well into the Summer, unless hubby notices that I am purchasing yet more self-tanner to try!!!

I would also love it for you all to get involved. Please share you self-tanner stories about product hits or misses too, in the comments.

Happy May! 


A Day of Silence.

One Day Blog Silence


For the Picture Perfect Mom!

How about giving Mom a beautiful picture of yourself? She'll love it. And she'll love you more when she is surprised when she opens the little box that your picture sits upon. As this little box is actually a palette, The Picture Perfect Palette from celebrity artist Carol Shaw.

md_lorac.jpg Wow. Wow. and Wow!  What's not to love in this palette?  It contains four striking eye shadow's, the perfect shade of blush, and the ultimate mini mascara.
The eye shadow shades: Persuasion - a creamy beige with sheen, Spice -  a shimmering café au lait, and Dreamy - a shimmering slate grey; the blush is in Plum Rose - a soft, muted rose; and the mini mascara is in Black. Also included is a double-ended eye shadow brush and a blush brush to help you apply these beauties.

If you were to purchase these LORAC products separately, it would cost you $120 - but this is just $37.  Couple that with the fact that the picture is priceless, Mom will love, love, love it. 

Sephora has it. Hopefully your Mom will too. Mine sure will!