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Hair Therapy!

I have struggled when purchasing hair products. Besides the fact that there are simply so many products to choose from, I have a hard time getting consistent results day in and day out.  Until now.

I have found the perfect hair care line to provide me with tremendous results each and every day. And I only alter one or two of the styling products depending on how I am wearing my hair for the day, or if it is really humid. Can you take a guess at what I use?  I am using products from the Biolage line by Matrix.

biolage.jpgI am most hooked on a few things, while changing a just a few in my routine to adjust accordingly, like I said. But with each and every Biolage products I choose, I have great hair days - every day. On most days, I use ColorCareTherapie Color Care Shampoo and Color Care Conditioner. Depending on the style I select from either the Hydro-Foaming Styler (mousse) or the Bodifying Cream Gel. I always finish with the Complete Control Extra Hair Spray, which is an aerosol that has tremendous hold while feeling weighted down or sticky, and finish that off with a quick mist of Shine Renewal Spray for the ultimate high shine.

The holy grail product of the line has got to be the Hydrathérapie Cera-Repair at-home treatment. I use it once in a week, sometimes just in the shower, or if I feel my hair needs extra moisturization, I leave it in all night and rinse it out in the morning. It feels so light on that I sometimes wonder how it works, but it does. It really is a treat and makes my hair look like I just walked away from a $300 salon appointment.

I realize we all have our different hair needs and problems that we deal with, but I have not been so happy with such an entire line of products in what seems like, forever. I am so glad to have found it. I plan on trying some products from the Smooththeraie line this summer, when I will want my hair looking extra sleek and smooth.

If you are looking for a change, visit this handy chart Biolage has prepared online. I will help you locate the products that you should be using for every hair want and need.


More Love to the Lancome Juicy Tubes.

The lovely rep from Lancome saw my post about my Juicy Tube Obsession, and thanked me by adding a few more to my collection.

lancom_juicy_berry.gifFirst there is Berry Lustre from the new Summer Collection Juicy Tubes Tropiques. It is the perfect Berry shade for a light, berry-licious summer sheen. And it tastes like a blend of ripe strawberries and raspberries - Yum.

Then she sent me the clear Juicy Tube, the Juicy Tube Jelly in Pure, which I am finding is such a necessity. I get the beautiful high shine I am use to, and can use it either alone or over one of my favorite Lipsticks.

My ultimate favorite by far is Dreamsicle from the Juicy Tubes Smoothie collection. Seriously, she must have been reading my mind to know that orange & creme is my favorite flavor E-V-E-R, and this is the perfect opalescent pink to wear alone on a natural look makeup day, or to add a beautiful pearly shine to another favorite lip product.

Thanks again Lancome. I don't think I could live without all my Juicy Tubes !  ;) 


Bronzing with Benefits.

If you are a self-tanning worshiper such as myself, you may look for a self-tanner that had benefits beyond the beautiful bronzing.

stives.jpgOne brand that I recently found that has a few different types of beneficial products in their self-tanning line up is St. Ives.  The line is called Healthy Brilliance. In the line are four products.

Brighten & Glow
This should be use prior to the actual bronzing products. This is made with natural sugar crystals to exfoliate while the added natural ingredients, including olive oil ester, leave your skin smooth, bright and glowing readying for your self-tanning product.

Firm & Glow
Using caffeine and ginseng, this moisturizer goes beyond a sun-touched glow to help naturally tighten and tone your skin.

Renew & Glow
With age-defying green tea and anti-oxidants, this body moisturizer helps you achieve a sun-touched glow and helps to reveal younger, healthier looking skin.

Protect & Glow
This is a body moisturizer with an SPF that helps protect your skin against harmful UV rays while it gently gets your glow on. And with the natural Shea butter, your skin feels softer and smoother as you use it.

I just started to use the Firm & Glow lotion to get my legs beautifully bronzed, and so far so good. The color is nice, and gradual. It has taken just about a week to get my legs where I feel they look nice and golden. Not too tan, but more naturally bronzed for Spring. 

You can buy St. Ives Healthy Brilliance products online at, while it can also be found at mass merchandisers nationwide.