Beauty & Fashion Bloggers ROCK!

I had the best time meeting so many great bloggers over the weekend. May I make a proclamation that beauty and fashion bloggers ROCK? Totally!

My new found friends...


In case you don't know them, I would like to introduce you to:
Shannon - A Girl's Gotta Spa & Makeup Minute
Lianne - The Makeup Girl
Ellen - Lipstick, Powder n' Paint
Erica -  Lancome
Nichelle - 55 Secret Street
Kristen - Beauty Addict
Erika - Makeupbag
Julia - All About the Pretty
Elke - Beauty Blog Network
Tina - Beauty Snob & Bag Snob
Leslie - Fashiontribes
Daphne - Julia's dear friend
Rachel - Stylebites

Stop by and get to know them yourself! 


Gucci Westman at Work!

The beautiful and wonderfully talented Gucci Westman, artistic director for Lancome, has been quite busy the last few days of fashion week. She takes the lead and instructs her makeup team how to polish the models to perfection befoer they make their way to the catwalk.

One of my favorite designers, Behnaz Sarafpour, took on the look of organic luxury for the Spring/Summer 08 season. It was up to Gucci to recreate this look to go with the fabulous cotton designs.


Gucci decides on a healthy, summer, breezy look. Not just minimal, but a soft, sexy look. It looks gorgeous on the model, doesn't it?

Here is what Gucci used to create this makeup look, all products are from Lancome, of course.

Artliner in Noir
Juicy Tube in  Pure
Star Bronzer in Bronze Dore
Cils Design Pro Mascara (on the top, inner lashes only)
Magique Blush in Subtle Fluff and Peach Melba
Le Crayon Poudre in Natural Blonde (used on the lips)



Friends, Fun, & Fashion.

I just arrived home from an exhausting, yet exhilarating weekend in New York to attend a few events for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.


To sum it up, the friends were great, fashion - not so much. It is a story within itself,  but as it was my first time to the tents, I was initially turned away when trying to get my press pass (my bad - I went to the wrong place), this made me late for an event, which I then missed, and wound up walking around the park, texting some of my new friends to figure out where to go/what to do, and sweating my brains out. Yeah - not so fun. Couple that with the fact that I got shut out of another show that evening, the fire marshall almost closed the place down as the tent was over-crowded, my day was not going well.


Sunday was much better, and more laid back - and not as hot, thank goodness! I did finally get into see two shows, and got some wonderful Spring makeup trend information that I will be sharing with you later this week.


Stay tuned!