More GlowFusion.

I do not even know if I should address this product or not. 


Fusion Beauty's GlowFusion Airglow for $175.  The refills are $62. Gosh, that is a lot for a tan.

Honestly, this doesn't look much different than the Salon Bronze spray gun that I have seen on TV.

With so many comments on the GlowFusion product last summer, I am anxious to hear your thoughts on this.

Will I run out and purchase? No. Would I give it a try given the opportunity? Heck, yeah. But, where could you apply this? In the shower, and hope to dry right away and clean the shower? Or go outside and spray it and hope that the neighbors don't see? I imagine it will get all over the place when spraying.

Thoughts, anyone???


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Are you Getting Enough Beauty Sleep?

sleep.jpgFace it. When we don't get enough beauty sleep, it shows. Boy, does it show.

Our undereyes may be swollen, puffy, discolored. Our face sallow, uneven, and dehydrated. Certianly, we have enough creams and makeup to fake a good nights sleep, but there just is no replacement for the real thing.

8 hours seem like alot, but as an adult, that is what both our mind and body need to function well. Here are a few tips for a better nights sleep.

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For the Chocolate Lover, Minus the Calories.

Valentines Day is synonymous with giving chocolates. Well, I have much better ideas for the chocolate lover and the calorie content = ZERO!


 The Thymes Chocolat Cassis Candle $28

Lucy B. Cosmetics Chocolate Tinted Lip Balm $17

Chocolovers Bath Hearts $15

 Sephora Indulgences Body Scrub $12

Philosophy The Milkman Suitcase $38

Too Faced Fat Chocolate Kiss $18.50

Philip B. Chocolate Milk Body Wash $32.00

Not Soap Radio Spa Chocolat Gift Set $22.00 



So, when considering a chocolate purchase for you Valentine this year, take our advice - they will love one of our picks.


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