Fresh Bloom.

The title of Clinique's Spring collection is Fresh Bloom. And the products scream fresh, not only from the shades, but from the beautiful way they are presented too.

clinique_spring.jpgJust look at that beautiful colour palette. Does the insignia look familiar? It is the trademark flower that has been used on Clinique's pretty packaging for years.

The products in the collection:
Fresh Bloom Allover Colour -  A beautiful , luminous tri-colored palette to be used on the cheeks, eyes, or  as a high lighter. Swirl the shades together or use them individually.  It comes in 4 shade sets.  $29.50

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A Beautiful Exclusive Offer from Benefit!

I just received an e-mail with an exclusive offer at Benefit Cosmetics.

gabbi.jpgGet a FREE Glamorous Gabbi Makeup Bag with your $60 Benefit purchase. Just enter promo code GETGABBI at checkout. This offer is good now and only until the 17th - so shop quick.

Here are a few suggestions:

Hopelessly Devoted to Pink palette that features three lip creams and three eye shadows in - you guess it - shades of pink. $28

Big Beautiful Eyes eye contour kit makes it simple to get that big beautiful brown shaded, smoky eye look. And this sold out in just three weeks when it first premiered back in October, so get one of these before it sells out again. $30

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Down the Drain.

What do you do when your 15 year old son decides that he needs to shave on a regular basis? Not just a once a week shave, but a daily shave with a real razor and shaving cream? Well, you dig into your beauty closet and get him some shaving cream.

So I did, to a new can of Nivea Cooling Shaving Gel

This what is supposed to do:
"Revitalizes and moisturizes while shaving. Improves the condition of the skin and helps protect against razor burns. Enriched with advanced moisturizers. Contains Menthol and Vitamin F for immediate cooling and optimal care."

Well, it didn't get too far doing what it was supposed to do. As my son depressed the dispenser on the can,  the gel would not stop coming out of the can. So I quickly ran to my daughters bathroom to see if I could fix it without it squirting out all over the floor, and when it would not stop, I decided to grab the camera and video it.

See for yourself!

Sorry I had to take the actual video down off of this page because I exceeded my bandwidth for the month, but rest assured that the link will take you right to it on You Tube.