Is Your Betty Ready?

Is your Betty ready? That has got to be one of the cutest tag lines ever. You have to see this.

betty_ready.jpgBettyBeauty has a product to color your hair - down there! Really!!! How about dying your down there hair to match you head of hair - or spice it up by changing it to - hot pink?

Seriously, I like this product. It is formulated to be used in a safe and gentle way. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

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Valentines Day Gifts.

Another Holiday to ask for some great Bath & Body Gifts - yipee. If I were asking, which I am, here is my wish list:


Lucky Chick's Mandarin White Orchid Relaxing Bath Set. This set includes a Sugar Body Scrub,a hair towel/turban, and a super soft satin eye mask. Set retails for $32.00, but you can get 10% off by ordering it at and using the code "love" at checkout.



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Fall in Love.

It is now less than a week until Valentines Day, and it is time to start dropping hints, ladies.  Here are a few ideas to hint about, and they all are from Philosophy's Falling in Love Collection. Both the name and the scent exude romance.


Here is a two piece gift set which contains an 8 oz. bottle of Philosophy's 3-in-1 shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel, along with a 2 oz. bottle of Falling in Love perfume spray.


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