Another Delicious Smelling Treat from Cake Beauty.

cake_milkmade.jpgMy, oh my. Cake Beauty has done it again. They can even make hand creme smell delicious!

Cake Beauty recently introduced their very own Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme. Milk Made is enriched with Shea and Mango butters, some of the best, and packed with nourishing vitamins.

What I really love about Milk Made is how velvety soft 

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I Told You it was Pink!

I finally got a new digital camera (that totally rocks!) and I took a few pictures of some of my beloved Barbie meet MAC goodies.

If you remember, I told you that many of the products were Pink. Isn't Pink synonymous with Barbie? Well, many of the products in this collection are pink. And beautiful.


Products in picture:
Lipsticks - Rocking Chick (left) and Real Doll (right)
Liquidlast Liner - Visionaire
Powder Blush - Don't Be Shy
Eye Shadows - Whistle (left) Playful (right)
Lipglass - Sweetness (with only about half left because I have applied this multiple times a day since I received it!)

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A Different Way to Enjoy Some Tea.

I love tea. Unfortunately, I cannot drink it as it is a migraine trigger for me.

jimmy_belasco.jpgAlmost better than tea, is a tea scent.  I have found a wonderful Raspberry Herbal Tea scent in a candle that takes care of my craving. It is a Jimmy Belasco Soy Candle, and it is divine!

Jimmy Belasco is the original founder of Ergo candles, and he now has his own candle line. I am quite impressed with the quality, scents, and long (clean) burn time.

I found this wonderful candle for $22 at a great web site,

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