Probably the Best Gift You Can Give.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness month. It is time we recognized the fact that every 67 minutes someone dies from melanoma - the deadliest type of skin cancer.

Olay has teamed up with the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery to bring more awareness to this very serious cancer. Visit their website, and to get the facts and set yourself up for a free screening. It is the best gift we can give ourselves, don't you agree?


For the Makeup Loving Mom!

When I give my Mother-in-Law gifts sets of Makeup, her daughters fight her for every single item. "You won't use that, Mom", or "That color is not you!" is what I hear from them arguing for at least an hour after she opens it. It is so cute, and she always wins, keeping it all. I never fail when it comes to giving her makeup, and  if your Mom loves makeup, you won't go wrong with any of these picks.


Bring on the Caribbean Heat!

It is so nice and sunny and warm here in New England, that I thought it was about time to break out this new beauty from LORAC. 

lorac_carribean_heat.jpgThis Caribbean Heat Bronzer Palette has three complimentary shades in it to give me the most beautiful, bronzy glow. I just swirl the great little bronzing brush that came with it, all over the powder, and apply. I then used just a bit of the lightest peachy/pink and put that up higher on my cheekbones, over my chin, nose, forehead, and on my brow bone. It is a simple, but beautiful bronzed look.

This palette is just onto shelves now at or Sephora for $28.00. 

Bring on the HEAT!