Fly Aways and Frizzies Be Gone!

frizzy_hair.jpgSay buy-bye to the winter fly aways and frizzies with Frederic Fekkai's Lift- Define-Shine Styling Compact.

In the compact are two products - a wax and a balm. The wax should be used first by massaging a verysmall amount throuth the roots and layers of your hair.

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philo_new.jpgYou should all know by now how much I love, love, love Philosophy and their great products. Besides Purity, the cleanser I swear by and use each and every day, my second favorite is their 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath. These come in a multitde of scents. Some pretty, some clean, and some quite yummy.

The latest 3-in1's are both very yummy limited edition scents. How do these sound? Butter Cream Frosting & Red Velvet Cake. I am sure you mouth is watering by now. The scents are dead on, and are equally nice when layered, just like the real thing.

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Ooh La...Lashes!

Oh - tis the day after the Golden Globe Awards, and I can't stop thinking about Eva Longoria's makeup look. I will find out what products were used. I will, some how.

Did you see her eye makeup? Did you see those mile high lashes??? Ooh, la la!

Here is a close-up of her look from Yahoo!:

gg_evalongoria.jpg gg_evalongoria_closeup.jpg


Any guess on the Lashes? Shadow? Blush? Lipstick?

She is flawless in every light ...WOW!