The Ultimate Lip Accessory.

If you are like me and have one lip liner that you hope works with all lip colors - only to find out that, hey - it doesn't... then I have found you the ultimate lip accessory.

ramy_lipliners.jpg This is Ramy Beauty Therapy's Ultimate Lip Liner Set. In the cutest little pink pouch are three lip liners. The three liners are perfect because one is in a peach tone, one in a rose tone, and one in a brown tone. This will almost guarantee that you can match it up with all of your favorite lip colors.

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The latest from Clinique.

I just read a very interesting article in the New York Times about Clinique and it's new role at The Clinique Skin Wellness Center.

From January 25th's New York Times:

 WHEN Clinique made its debut in 1968, the cosmetics brand altered America’s beauty landscape by using scientific language and clinical iconography at a time when highly perfumed, elaborately packaged creams dominated department stores.

Clinique hired a prominent dermatologist, Dr. Norman Orentreich of Manhattan, to help develop the line. It outfitted its sales force in pristine white lab coats and installed them at cosmetics counters where they diagnosed the skin types of customers. Even its name carried a clinical aura.

But now Clinique has gone one step further in aligning itself with therapeutic imagery — and in the process has raised the ante for beauty companies seeking affiliations with doctors.

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Baby it's Cold Outside!

beauty_blogging_friends.jpgBaby it's cold outside, so why don't you stay in and catch up on some blog reading. Here are my favorite posts of the week.

  • Ellen over at Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint had a week of top fives where she lists her top five favorites in categories such as Lip Glosses and Mascaras.
  • Carla from Product Girl is off on a trip - see what beauty items she took that were flight approved.
  • Shannon from Makeup Minute needs you help in choosing a Lip Plumper.
  • Blogdorf Goodman tells us about Liz Earle and her SuperBalm. I just got one and cannot wait to try this concentrated moisturizer.

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