A Simple 3 - Step System.

clinique_3step.jpgThe Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System. It was my first introduction to skin care - way back when.

I recently revisited this simple 3 Step System. The steps are still the same, but the products have gotten even better.

The 3 Steps are cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. The products are different for different skin types, though. Or as Clinique says, your skin profile.

Finding out your skin profile is simple. You can either visit your local Clinique counter, or you can fill out an interactive profile online. Your profile will let you know exactly which products you should use.

My recommendations were to start with the Liquid Facial Soap - Extra Mild, follow that with Clarifying Lotion 1, which is a liquid toner, and to finish up with Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I love the fact that the soap is now in a liquid form for my skin type - it is simple to just pump out of the bottle.  And just one little squirt gives me enough to remove all makeup, dirt, and oils from my face. The clarifying lotion removes every last bit of film from my face, and it makes it feel alive - refreshed. Finally, the moisturizing lotion is available in a pump too - and it is still a good daily moisturizer for me. 

Make a revisit to the Clinique counter, if you haven't been there recently. And give the 3-Step a try.



Go with the Glow!

I recently mentioned how to get that glow from within look, but what about when you need a little extra glow on the outside?

sk_glow.jpgYou go to Target, and pick up Sonia Kashuk's GO WITH THE GLOW SET.

For just $19.99, the retractable kabuki brush is worth the price of admission alone. 

Apply the pinkish opalescent powder any where you want a little pick-me-up. A quick dusting on the tops of the cheek bones and brow bone gives an instant refreshing look.

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DO NOT Do This at Home!

A sad, but true look into my life - and my lip balm habits.

I was just getting ready to shut down the computer, but before I clicked on the final Shut Down, I grabbed one of the many lip balms and hand creams I have gathered here on my desk.

I applied the lip balm.

Hmmm. no taste. None.

I put it down, started to squeeze out some hand cream when I noticed my lips were becoming very, very sticky.

Too sticky! I franctically wiped the hand cream on my pj bottoms.



What the???

I grabbed a glue stick instead of a lip balm.

Lesson learned: Do not let you kids do arts and crafts near your lip balm stash so you will never ever have to experience the feeling of a glue stick on your lips.

It's nasty! Oh, so nasty!

How am I supposed to go to bed now??? I have to figure out how to remove it all!!!