Out with the Old - In with the New!


We here it every year at this time. Out with the Old - In with the New. The fact is, it is another year - and a new year means a fresh start to everything that is routine. Just like we all get tired at the gym doing the same exercises over and over, we get bored with our beauty habits too. So this year, make it a point to change it up a bit with my easy tips. 

  • It is easy to change something as simple as your nails. If you always wear color, and who hasn't this season, try a nude or French manicure. Or if you are a French manicure addict, change it up by painting them in a soft color first to and gradually get used to color, and then build it up to the dark and lovely shades we are seeing everywhere.
  • Changing your makeup doesn't have to be extreme. Try a gel or cream blush if you always use powder. Use a colored eye pencil instead of plain black or brown eye liner. If you are into brown tones, change it up subtly up by adding a bit of peach or gold - it will make you look more alive and younger to boot.
  • In the shower, we tend to use the same products over and over. If you are happy with your brand, that's great - stick with it. It works for you. But try changing up the scent. Or maybe even the formula. Try a cream instead of a wash. Jazz it up a bit by adding a scrub two to three times a week. Not only will you feel energized from trying something new, your skin will thank you for it too.

With all this said, there are a few important things that we should never change in out beauty routine - no matter how boring. Get plenty of sleep, drink lot's and lot's of water, remove all makeup at night, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Here is to a happy new year and a new you!


Isn't Makeup Grand?

happy.jpgI just love makeup. Can you tell? Really - I swear I live for it. And just about everything and anything beauty related.

I just need to say that I, 100% totally, absolutely love my job!

Thank you very much for enabling me to do what I sincerely love.



QVC's January Beauty Show Schedule.

If you didn't already know, I am quite addicted to the QVC beauty shows. They often have great kits and specials not available through standard retailers. The highlight of the month will be a Philosophy Today's Special Value on January 17th - mark your calendars Philosophy Girls.

Here is the beauty show rundown:

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