I Want This, Just to Display.

This beautiful packaging from Guerlain's Limited-Edition Pucci Meteorites Powder would just so perfectly match my new guest bathroom.

Can I have this just for the packaging? Does anyone have one they can sell me?  lol!


While the powders look like they would create the prettiest glow, I like the fact that they match the scarf print. The shades of fuchsia, turquoise, apricot, gold, pink, and white are absolutely stunning.

"The Météorites are a legendary product of Guerlain's, but the color in this particular one is specific to Pucci. It is meant to powder the face, to give it a matte finish in a translucent way. It's always important to lighten up the face." - Olivier


The Yummiest of Fruit Smoothies!

Bare Escentuals newest eye shadow kit is this Blendable Eye Collection - Fruit Smoothie Glimpses.

be_smoothies.jpgBE's shadows are the most fun to play with. You can vary the intensity of each color by using them wet or dry, or blending them together, dry over wet, and mixing them up for a darker shade to use as an eye liner.

The shades in this Fruit Smoothie kit scream Summer, and are so pretty with any skin tone. The shades include a Banana Smoothie , a beautiful shimmering icy yellow; Ginger Peach Smoothie, the prettiest shimmering shade of peach; and Mango Smoothie Glimpse, a shimmering golden coral.

Fruit Smoothie Glimpses sell for $26 at



So, Where is the Sale?

With the announcement that will cease doing business this month, will they be deeply discounting our favorite products? I doubt it.

If I remember correctly, when I would get a shipment from either or say Bobbi Brown or MAC, for example, they would all come from New Jersey. Maybe this a where a central warehouse is located? SO I am guessing they won't be clearing out their stock like many of the online beauty boutiques do when they are going out of business.

Too bad for us. Maybe I wouldn't feel so bad about closing if they were giving us some great sales to remember them by!