Bronzing in an Instant.

I have been asked by many readers who do not tan or self-tan, what to use for a temporary, instant tan for an event. Besides makeup bronzers, I have found some great products for the entire body that will have you bronzed and beautiful in just a few minutes. And the benefit of these bronzers, is that with a scrubbie and soap and water, they will be gone!benefit_jiffy.jpg

Benefit Cosmetics
has Jiffy Tan, which is perfect for the legs. It is a bit of a darker shade with a bit of shimmer, so I would only suggest using it on the legs. It glides on evenly and smoothly and lasts through a long hard day. You have to be careful to take the time tophilo_thebigskinny.jpg wash hands immediately after applying, as it will leave your palms stained and messy.

Philosophy has a nice body tint in a tube called The Big Skinny, which is actually a tinted body shaper in a tube. Why a body shaper? Because this instantly makes you appear more slender with the look of glowing skin, from a healthy, instant tan. It is very moisturizing and slides on very easily. This cream only takes a few minutes to try, so blending is simple, quick, and easy. The results are great and this can be used all over. Remember to wash you hands right after applying as well.


Lastly, there is a bronzing gel, that is very lightweight from Becca. This Translucent Bronzing Gel instantly gives the body a healthy, light glow. Not a deep dark tan, but a nice sheer golden tan. This bronzing gel spread out quickly and easily too, and is appropriate to where all over the body. And it is so nice and light, with no smell, that I suggest it for men too.

All of these are also great for evening out a bad self-tanning job as well - I bet you never thought of that, did you? Stop scrubbing away the mistakes and even them out - even if it is only temporary.

It is pretty safe to say, that whichever you choose, you will be quickly transformed from a snow bunny to a golden summer, bronzed goddess.



A Very Special Day!

Hold on to your hats everyone, I am going to take a moment to let you in on a little secret. Today is my birthday - and it is a BIG one! Can you guess how old I am?

Birthday%20Cake-red%20white.jpgI have written about it in a few posts, I am sure. Let me know how old you think I am in the comments!

In celebration, there is a big surprise party for me tonight (even though I sort of know about it), and tomorrow hubby and I are taking off to Las Vegas until early Thursday. So, I will be missing in action for a few days, but I have a few posts in que so you really won't know I am gone.

For this beautiful Memorial Day weekend please stay sun safe, wear your sunscreen, sunglasses, and a nice wide brimmed hat to keep your skin looking as great as it can.

In the mean time...
Happy Birthday to me!


Are You a Natural Beauty?

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