Cancer Causing Chemicals in Cosmetics.

Have you heard of the Environmental Working Group? They are a non-profit organization that research products that may threaten our health and the environment.

They recently found that a certain cancer-causing chemical 1,4-dioxane, is used by many companies in many cosmetic products. You will notice this chemical by other names, such as dioxane, diethylene dioxide, 1,4-diethylene dioxide, diethylene ether, glycol ethylene ether, dioxane-1,4, tetrahydro-p-dioxin, tetrahydro-1,4-dioxin.

The description of 1,4-dioxane from Wikipedia: 1,4-Dioxane is primarily used in solvent applications for the manufacturing sector; however, it is also found in fumigants and automotive coolant. Additionally, the chemical is also used as a foaming agent and appears as an accidental byproduct of the ethoxylation[1] process in cosmetics manufacturing.

Simply speaking, this is scary stuff and cause for concern.

From the EWG study in which they read the ingredient listings of 15,000 cosmetics, skin care and other personal care products, they have published the following alarming statistics:  read more...


More on the MAX Factor Salutes Hollywood Fashion Show.

Max_Factor_logo.gifRemember the little video I posted about the Carmen Electra fall at the MAX Factor Fashion Show? Well, I have got the scoop on the rest of the show for you now.

The event was hosted by Carmen Electra to benefit Clothes Off Our Back, to benefit children's charities.
At the show, some of the most beautiful Hollywood glam girls modeled stunning creations that are stunning creations that are now being auctioned off at  Clothes Off Our Back. But hurry, the auction only runs until March 29th.

The models were made up by the legendary Pat McGrath, of course. She created the high-glam, cutting-edge makeup looks with MAXalicious Glitz and Glaze Lip Glosses, MAXEye Shadow Exotics Collection, Volume Couture Mascara, Pan-Stik makeup and Erace concealer.


MAC Balloonacy - On Shelves Now!

MAC Balloonacy, the newest limited edition MAC Collection just hit stores this week. It is a bright, shimmery and sparkly line.  Don't let the model photo scare you. It is MAC, so you know there is something for everyone in the collection.

Here is the rundown:
*Lipstick in Festivity, Fun Fun, Up-Note, and Full Blown

*Tinted Lipglass in Silly Girl, Out for Fun, Perky, and Pink Meringue
*Pandamonium Eye Palette with 4 new shades for a Spring smoky eye look: Cloudbound, an off-white with gold pearlized pigments; Up at Dawn, a soft lilac; Voilet Transe a rich intense purple; Pandamonium, a smokey grey with silver pearlized pigments

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