Hook Me Up!

Let me HOOK YOU UP - with mark.

Have you met Mark.?

Mark is new-ish (a few year old) company from Avon. it is a beauty brand geared to young, hip women. And it is sold by young, hip representatives just like Avon.

But they do have their very own cool website, where you can order products direct from the company.

Marks core product line consists of Hook Ups. 

Hook Ups are customizable and perfectly portable makeup products that are ideal for any fashionistas purse or even pocket. They're sold individually and are connected together with a black Hook Up connector.


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The Easy Way to Be a Dashing Diva.

Nails are rich and dark this season, and you can't get darker than Dashing Diva's newest nail polish colors.

diva.jpgMy favorites have to be Bad Britney Burgundy and Black Jack-e Daniels - both in the deepest and darkest so hot shades.

And if you are in the mood for a red based polish, try Very Sherry, a dark red cream.

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Good Deals - too Good to Pass Up!

good_deals_banner.jpgHere is my weekly run down of the best beauty deals I could find. Yes, my new weekly rundown! YEAH! A new little column, just for moi. Check in with me every Monday for the latest rundown. And if you ever forget, there will be a permanent link right over there --->  on the sidebar, silly! And you will even be able to subscribe to the Good Deals posts!

I am so excited to share my finds with you.

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