MAC Holiday 2006 - FORMAL BLACK - It's Here!

One of my favorite days of the year - when I get to finally look over MAC'S newest Holiday Collection.

This year it is called Formal Black. And the cases and bags are just so beautiful and elegant. And black. Beautiful.

mac-holiday.jpgAnd the kits:

Talk about mixing makeup and fashion!

In a quick word, I am in love - as always. MAC cannot disappoint as far as their Holiday Collections go.

Stay tuned for a more thorough review soon.


Oooh - White Diamonds.

Who doesn't love diamonds? Well, in this sense I am actually talking about Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds.

bca_et.jpgShe has created a set for BCA featuring a bottle of Eau de Toilette Spray and a beautiful faux-diamond bow shaped brooch. A great set. HINT: The holidays are coming!

The set retails for $40 and is available exclusively at Sears stores nationwide.

Proceeds from the sale of the White Diamonds Brooch Set will go to Cancer and Careers. Cancer and Careers is a wonderful organization that provides insight and inspiration for working women with cancer. It is a partner of CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) of which I am a proud member.


The Ultimate Berry Lip!

If you are like me and longing for the berry lip color for Fall - but are perhaps a little afraid of going so dark - fear no more!

mac_languish.jpgI just picked up the MAC Lipglass in Lanquish. It is a bronzed, berry color. It has a bit of sparkle to it - almost pearly like. It looks perfect on its own - no lipstick need be applied. And it is so pretty with either a very nude eye or a dark smokey gray or brown eye look.

I have received a ton of compliments on my new lip look. Forget the lighter, dull colors - and make a change the easy way - with just a new little lipgloss!

It really can change your whole makeup look. And for just $14 - the new look is affordable!