Essie's '07 Spring Collection.

Oooh, How I love Essie.  This has got to be one of the best collections Essie has put out yet. There is not a single color I would not use.

essie_spring.jpgThe best way to get all of the great shades (at a small discount to boot) is in the Spring '07 Colours To Go .

The shades in the collection, which are naturally included in this set: Cool-lots, Guchi Muchi Puchi, Jackie Oh My, Mini How High, Mod Squad and Pinkadelic.

And you know what I love even more - is that Essie has done a major website over haul, and there is an online boutique to shop right then and there for your favorite Essie products.


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Spring is Near!

crocus.jpgMy Crocus' are peaking through the melting snow (though not in full bloom as in the picture yet), and to me this means that Spring is indeed near.

I am having a great time sorting through all of my new Spring makeup. The collections are countless and colors so beautiful.

Even though it is cold outside, I am finding myself gravitating to the lighter, and brighter shades for Spring already.

How about you. Are you looking forward to using your new Spring shades? Or are you like me and using them already?

Stay tuned for more great information on my favorite new Spring goodies.


A Bit More from Elizabeth Arden.

When I told you about Elizabeth Arden's new Spring Collection Eye & Face Kits a few weeks ago, I only mentioned a bit about the Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipsticks.

ea_lips.jpgThe colors of these lipsticks are all heavenly. There is Perfect Blossom, Perfect Coral, and Perfect Pink. I think I have worn Perfect Blossom every day this week. It is beautiful alone, or as a base under any pearly pink lip gloss. 

These lipsticks are formulated with the famed Maxi-Lip, you know, the plumping ingredient that is many lip plumpers (via gloss or lip stick). Maxi-Lip is a proven lip plumper, but it needs time to work.

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