A Burst of Bronze!

sunburst_bottle.jpgI was so excited on Friday to let you know about the QVC hour with Tarte Cosmetics, that I forgot to tell you about one of their brand new products. And it shouldn't come as a surprise that it is a unique addition to their ever-growing line.

This product promises a burst of bronze, called appropriately so, Sunburst. Sunburst is a beaded,sunburst_lotion.jpg bronzing facial moisturizer. And it is in fact, beaded. When you squeeze out the white lotion, you will notice very small, almost grainy looking, bronzed beads. These beads burst upon contact, tinting the moisturizer as you apply and rub in.

It really is a unique product. The overall result is a light golden, bronzed look. You can always apply a bit more of the moisturizer to the apples of your cheeks and top of your nose for that just in from the sun look.

A few more things to mention about Sunburst. The formula is oil-free for those in which that is a concern, and the it is also water resistant, which will be perfect for warmer weather. You know how terrible it is to see streaking makeup, albeit bronzer on a hot day when you can't help but sweat.

Sunburst is $28.00 from Tarte Cosmetics.




A Look at the Best Beauty Blog Posts of the Week.

beauty_blogging_friends.jpgI read over many beauty blog posts in the week, and have come up with my favorites. Here they are for you to enjoy too!

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And Pretty by Nature tells us all about Earth Month, just launched by Aveda.

Calorie-Free Chocolate for Easter.

I love chocolate. And because I am not supposed to eat chocolate, due to migraines, I think it makes me want it more. But I do indulge in chocolate and not ever consume a single calorie. You see, guilt and calorie-free chocolate in the form of bath and body products is my way of indulging.

A few of my chocolate beauty product picks:

choco.jpgThe Thymes Chocolat Cassis Candle $28

Lucy B. Cosmetics Chocolate Tinted Lip Balm $17

Sephora Indulgences Body Scrub $12

Philosophy The Milkman Suitcase $38

Too Faced Fat Chocolate Kiss $18.50

Philip B. Chocolate Milk Body Wash $32.00

Not Soap Radio Spa Chocolat Set $22.00 


Do you have a favorite chocolate bath or body product?