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More Minerals.

I am starting to like these Mineral makeup products more and more.  I have been using Tarte's Mineral Powder Bronzer in Hotel Heiress almost daily. Well, that got me digging into my stash and I discovered their Provocateur Mineral Pressed Powder. How did I not know that this was a Mineral Makeup product? And how could I have let this sit so long without giving it a try?

tarte_compact.jpgAnyhow - I was in luck to have discovered that I have the shade Veil - a perfect match for my fair complexion.

So there I sat, opened the refill, pulled out the sponge and starting applying the powder to my face - sans mirror. I would swipe and then look at the sponge. Hmmm - where did the product go? Did it disappear? Well - yes, it totally disappeared into my skin - leaving it flawless as it deposited the softest feeling minerals on it. This powder does not stick to the sponge, like most powders. AMAZING! There was a trace of color left behind on the sponge, but just a trace of it.  Did I say AMAZING yet?

When I went to the mirror I was so surprised. I had applied my moisturizer hours before, no primer was on my skin, I had no concealer on, nor any other makeup whatsoever. Just this new powder. And suddenly I looked like I had nearly flawless skin. No caked on tell tale line of de-markation ...nothing but beautiful skin.

And speaking of beautiful, just how gorgeous is the box and compact that the powder refill slips into? No one would ever know that a pretty little powder were concealed in the box. Again - AMAZING!

The compact alone, with no refills is $20, and the refill alone is $19. It is so worth the splurge. (And you can just always buy the refill and keep it in the plastic clamshell!)

Next up in my newness from Tarte is their The Eraser concealing pen.  I will be back with those details soon.


Have You Entered Yet?

In case you missed it, Benefit Cosmetics has offered to give "10" of my lucky readers one of their great Color Plump Lip Plumping Pencils.


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Please note that the contest will end on September 30th at midnight - so sign up now!

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Thanks Benefit!


Pure Bliss & A Free Hand Cream.

One of my favorite lines I discovered this year is Bliss Labs. I am constantly browsing for great sets that I will sure to be stocking up on to give as presents this holiday season.

While doing so, I came across a great offer from

With any purchase at, you will receive a FREE Bliss Labs High Intensity Hand Cream. I can't think of anything better than a freebie! And a great one at that.

High Intensity Hand Cream is one of my staples in the winter. I have a tube in my handbag, and another in my night stand (with about 15 others that I alternate with at night). You need a bit more than the "pea sized amount" that they suggest you use in the directions. I squeeze out a dollop about the size of a quarter, and that is all I need for my hands and wrists. The cream is more on the thick side, but not greasy whatsoever. And it sinks into my skin almost immediately. The fact that there is no scent in it is a big plus for me too, as I do need to apply it 3 - 4 times a day in the drier months. 

Bottom line, if you need anything beauty related, order now and get your  fabulous freebie - and I bet you'll have this hand cream as one of your staples too.