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Getting My Glow On!

Being it is school vacation a.k.a. Spring Break in our household, I am getting my glow on by starting my self-tanning ritual. Yes - I am a bit early this year. Hey, just because I didn't get to St. Bart's this week doesn't mean I can't look like I have been there - right?

So far I have only been using a few products. You know, the self-tanners mixed into a moisturizer for the most gradual sun kissed glow.

jergens_glow_face.jpgI started with the Jergens new Natural Glow FACE Daily Moisturizer ($6.99) on my face, neck, and chest, while I am using their Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer ($6.99) on the rest of my body. I initially started with the Fair for my face, and the medium for most of my body. I just purchased the medium for my face as well, and will begin to use that to see a little faster results.

I like the gradual results, but I hate the smell. It stinks - but if you can get past that,  the color is even, very natural, and gradual. I only use it at night before bed so I can wash off the starchy smell first thing in the morning.

bare_bronze.jpgFor the day I have been alternating the Jergen products with those of Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze Collection. Now these Bare Bronze products all smell heavenly - like a refreshing pina colada.

I have been using the Bare Bronze Daily Glow Facial Moisturizer ($17.50)on my face, neck, and chest - and I love the way it has just enough moisture for my skin to get me through the day. I plan to use their Bare Bronze Gleaming Self-Tan Body Tint ($18) later this week, when I am ready for a more deep bronzed glow.

While this only begins my self-tanning rituals, I am excited to discover new self-tanners, and get to know my old favorites a little better.  Look for my ongoing reviews as we progress into warmer weather.


Selling Beauty: Online through Video.

QVC has started to add some application videos next to it's most popular beauty products. I think it is a conceptual idea!

Watch this clip from It features Leslie Blodgett (creator of Bare Escentuals) telling us about one of her items, bareMinerals Natural Light.

I am sure it is just an experiment into how much it can boost a products sales. I think that it would definitely increase the number of sales, don't you?

The only other place I have seen this done is from the lovely Trish of Principessa Beauty. Here is that clip. She basically tells you about the product, as her products do not need application information.

What do you think?