Beautiful Blogging Friends.

beauty_blogging_friends.jpgSome of my fellow beauty blogging girlfriends have some great posts this week.

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you desire, pull up a chair, and read on!

Hello Doll Face features a review of Becca, a brand from down under...

From Elke at the beauty newsletter blog, Try Before You Buy:  Part III - what to know before you buy foundations, concealers and powders...

Lipstick Powder 'n Paint tells us about Loads of Lashes...

Bon Bons in the Bath discusses the art of shampooing and how to get away with doing it less frequently.  For the sake of our hair, ladies!  And not because we're lazy. ha, ha ...

Help spread the word about the dangers of tanning beds to our teenagers with eBeautyDaily...

Enjoy and have a Happy Friday!



What is Your Concealer?

question.jpgWe didn't want to leave our loyal readers out without taking their suggestions as to what their favorite concealer(s) is.

Drop us a quick comment as to what you use.

Just the product line and name will be sufficient - don't worry about the shade or pricing, etc.

Clinique - All About Eyes

This way when we work on our concealer guide for next year, we will be sure to include yours in our testing.



The Ultimate Concealer Guide.

It's here! Our Ultimate Concealer Guide.

Concealer is sometimes a personal decision, but it is often a choice found by trying so many, making it a sometimes difficult trial and error process. We have tried to simplify this process for you, by bringing you this guide.

For the last month or so, we have tried 49 concealers. We tried concealers from very low to high price points, and all different types. 

In testing and trying we found that most concealers fall into one of six categories, so we have organized the guide that way.

In the end, we ended up recommending 27 of them.  I hope you can find one that works right for you.

To use the guide, you can simply click on our Ultimate Concealer Guide banner at the top of the page, or on the title in our right-hand side bar. You can also simply click on the categories listed below, which are also listed on the side bar.

All Over Coverage

Duos & Palettes

Full Coverage

Redness Blockers

Sheer Coverage

Spot Coverage